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Texture by Apinanaivot - Framework by Spacegoats

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Allows you to see the Milky Way Galaxy in all of its glory.

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See stickied post by Madcat 221 for flickering and AMD fix!

Visible Galaxy 4k
            Xbox 1 Version

You would think that after 200 years the light and air pollution would have died down and that the Milky Way galaxy would once again become visible.  But the vanilla night sky still looks like it did before the bombs fell. This aims to fix that.  Now with this mod, you can see the Galaxy in all its beauty.  The galaxy is a beautifully sharp 4k textures and should have no impact on frame rate.  The texture is a direct port of Apinanaivot's mod for Skyrim, 4K Stars and Galaxies.  I simply ported it to Fallout 4 with his permission.  All I can say for his mod is that it is truly beautiful.  As adding a galaxy texture is more complicated than just changing a texture, I made the framework to make it possible.


"How do I use the framework?" you may ask.  Feel free to make your own retexture of the galaxy to work with it.  Just follow the following rules, doing so counts as me giving you permission.
 - The textures must be your own, do NOT just edit the one in this mod.  Additionally I am in no way giving anyone permission to use the textures included within this mod, those are not mine to give.  I'm only giving you permission to use the .nif file.
 - Link you mod in the post I added to the forums tab.  I want to be able to easily find it.
 - You must give appropriate credit in the description of your mod.  This includes me as well as anyone else who's work you used.
 - You may upload mods which use the framework to both the nexus and bethesda.net.

How to make it work properly.
 - Name the texture file 'Galaxy.dds'
 - Do not edit the .nif unless you know what your doing, if you have a bug and you've edited the nif, I can't help.

This mod is very compatible, and will work with any mod that doesn't change 'Stars.nif'  Even other star mods! Just install the 'Stars Sold Separately' version of the mod.  This reason for this is that the Galaxy does not work on the actual vanilla sky-box.  So I edited the night sky-box based off the one for Skyrim.  As a result the Stars and Galaxy are two separate textures.

These issues can be fixed thanks to Madcat221. See stickied post for details.
There is a known issue where while in settlements, the galaxy flickers on and off.  Not everyone gets this issue and those who do only appear to get it while in the same cell as a settlement.  Additionally some have been unable to get the galaxy to work at all, however this issue is even less common.  I am currently trying to fix both of these issues although it appears to be caused by something on the users end as most people are not having this issue.  The galaxy sometimes also appears to be slightly blurry, most noticeably while moving, and certain mods such as 'Vivid Weather' makes it more noticeable.  However this is an engine issue that is cause by poor integration of Anti Aliasing, and I unfortunately cannot fix it.

There have also been difficulty with getting it to work on AMD graphics cards, I'm not sure if its an incompatibility with every AMD card a handful of them or just the drivers.  It couldn't hurt to try, also if you do have an AMD card and it works let me know in the "Galaxy not appearing" bugs thread.


apinanaivot for his awesome mod.
Madcat221 for flickering and AMD fix.