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Castell and Team F4NV

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Brings the Fallout 3/New Vegas version of First Generation Combat Armor back to the Commonwealth!

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Perhaps upon starting to play Fallout 4 you may have noticed the newest iteration of Combat Armor, and how this new armor differs from previous entries in the series. While the look of a part-human/part-armoured vehicle hybrid is certainly interesting, more than a few folks may find themselves pining for Adam Adamowicz's design which showed up in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

If that sounds like you, we have something that might just scratch that aesthetic itch!


The Classic Combat Armor is a fully-featured armor, featuring Light, Medium and Heavy versions, and supports stock armor mod functionality right out of the box! Balance-wise, the Classic Combat Armor is statistically identical to the original in all ways, and is only different in how it looks! It comes in the following color and camouflage schemes:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Urban Camo
  • Woodland Camo
  • Gobi Campaign Camo
  • Winterized
  • Shadowed
  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Railroad
  • Enclave
  • Minutemen
  • Vault-Tec
  • Talon Company
  • Reilly's Rangers

This Standalone armor, which will add this version of Combat Armor to the game world alongside the stock Combat Armor, and using an LL script will give both an equal chance of turning up on enemies and at all fine apparel vendors in the Boston area. Please note that if this mod is added and then a previous saved game is loaded, this may result in it taking some time for it to propagate across various vendors and enemies and start to spawn in.

Also included are Bodyslide files for the outfit, so tweaks for custom body types can be made!


Automatic: Install with NMM.
Manual: Extract its contents, drop in your Fallout 4 "Data" folder, then activate the ESP plugin in your load order in the Fallout 4 Launcher.


This standalone should be compatible with most anything since it uses a script to add it to the LL, however this isn't a guarantee, and there may be odd incompatibilities with other mods.


Castell - for the original idea, meshes, textures, rigging and implementation. Send him some kudos - without him absolutely none of this would have been possible!

 for some awesome screenshots.

 for texture fixes, mesh fixes, plugin fixes, implementation.

Deadpool2099 for texture and mesh fixes.

Gambit77 for plugin, bodyslide files and mesh fixes.

 and spacetimebender for in-game bug testing.

Sagittarius22 for leveled script implementation and bug fixing.

a_blind_man for the injector script.

Oh Deer for some more awesome screenshots.

This armor was made for the Fallout 4 New Vegas project.
Apply today here to join the team. The Mojave awaits you!

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