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A lore-friendly armor. Full cover. A *CBBE*-zero-shaped female version, and a *SHB* base-shaped male-version of the suit are included.
Suits, Gloves, Helmets and the TwinBlades can be crafted on every ChemLab, be upgraded on every ArmorBench, and be worn separately.
Additional armor parts can be worn along with the suit.

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HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit

Version: 2.30
Date: 05-27-2016
Category: Armors
Requirements: Fallout 4 & the DLC Automatron
Author: Humannature66 / RazorX13 / Ousnius

>>Initial release 1.00  (05.15.2016)
>>Update 1.01  (05.16.2016)
=> BodySlide-support added 
>>Update 1.02  (05.27.2016)
=> a male-version of the Suit added
=> Crafting: changed to Rank *Armorer 3*
=> 1st-person-fix: an unwanted meshpart in sight is removed
=> Gloves: Rings can now be worn aside with the gloves
=> Helmet: Glasses can now be worn along with helmet
=> The Suit takes slot 33 only. Armor-pieces can now be worn along with the Armor.
=> Jumpheight reduced to 2.3
=> Reloadspeed reduced to 0.5

>>Update 2.00  (01.28.2017)
=> two more colors added
=> a 'heeled' and a 'heeled Lite' version added
=> Crafting: re-aligned the ranks of the 3 different suit versions (*Armorer 2/3/4*)
=> one of the doubled labels removed from the male suit
=> Helmet: a permanently closed version added
=> a suit-adapted weapon added (TwinBlade in 3 suit-fitting colors)
=> BodySlide-support updated, presets grouped

>>Update 2.20  (09.09.2017)
=> MainModFile and BodySlideFiles as separate files for download
=> female version CBBE-zero-shaped now
=> male version SHB base-shaped now
=> BodySlideFiles for CBBE and SHB (SuperHeroBodies) as Optional File

>>Update 2.30  (10.09.2017)
=> TwinBlade-animation on jump (in 1st-person view) fixed
=> Recon sight for all suits


A lore-friendly armor. Full cover. A *CBBE*-zero-shaped female version, and a *SHB* base-shaped male-version of the suit are included.
Suits, Gloves, Helmets and the TwinBlades can be crafted on every ChemLab, be upgraded on every ArmorBench, and be worn separately.


Main File
File A - HN66_SiriusArmor_2.30_Main mod files
Sirius.12 for female (CBBE zero-shape) & male (SHB base-shape).
Mod works right out of the box, nothing more needed.

Optional File
File B - HN66_SiriusArmor_2.30_BodySlideFiles
CBBE (female) and SHB (male) support. You need *Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-* and smorris2012's *SHB Super Hero Bodies* to use these BodySlide files.
For use of this you need these two mods:
>>>>>  Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Caliente and Ousnius
>>>>>  SHB Super Hero Bodies (Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Conversion) by smorris2012

*Fresh installation* ( > no sooner versions installed yet ):
- Use NMM for installation of the newest version.
- On manual installation, just copy & paste the contents of the newest version into the designated folders.
*Update to the newest version* ( > sooner versions already in use ):
- Put ALL Sirius armor parts into any container, save, and leave the game.
- Uninstall ALL sooner versions of the Sirius-mod (by NMM or manually)
- Load the latest gamesave, save it over again, and leave the game.
- Install now ONLY the newest version of the mod. Activate it in your launcher.
- Load the latest gamesave again, and craft the suit new.

*Manual installation* ( > in case NMM might cause issues ):
- Download the 1.02 package MANUALLY, NOT by NMM, in your standard download folder, and extract it there.
- Examine the folder structure.
- Open the whole paths completely.

You will find: 
material\HN66FO4\SiriusArmor\2048 quarter_black.bgsm
material\HN66FO4\SiriusArmor\hn66 leathersuitblack honeycomb2.bgsm
material\HN66FO4\SiriusArmor\hn66 leathersuitblack honeycomb7.bgsm
(and so on)

also you will find:
meshes\HN66FO4\Sirius Armor\31_SiriusArmor_AssaultronHelmet.nif
meshes\HN66FO4\Sirius Armor\31_SiriusArmor_AssaultronHelmet_Plates.nif
meshes\HN66FO4\Sirius Armor\31_SiriusArmor_AssaultronHelmetGO.nif
(and so on)

and also you will find:
textures\HN66FO4\SiriusArmor\2048 quarter_BLACK_d.dds
textures\HN66FO4\SiriusArmor\2048 quarter_BLACK_n.dds
textures\HN66FO4\SiriusArmor\2048 quarter_BLACK_s.dds
(and so on)

now go into your FO4's data-folder, and copy & paste all the package contents due the given paths.
This is how it has to be when it's correctly pasted:
...data\meshes\HN66FO4\Sirius Armor\31_SiriusArmor_AssaultronHelmet.nif
...data\meshes\HN66FO4\Sirius Armor\31_SiriusArmor_AssaultronHelmet_Plates.nif
...data\meshes\HN66FO4\Sirius Armor\31_SiriusArmor_AssaultronHelmetGO.nif
(and so on with textures and materials.)

Recommended mods

If you want to try the new  Sirius.16 Assault Armor:
HN66s SIRIUS.16 Assault Armor -CBBE- and -SHB-

If you want to use Bodyslide:
!! Make sure you have Updated your BodySlide to the latest version  !!

=>BodySlide and OutfitStudio

Armorsmith Compatibility:
!! ryzr kindly created an Armorsmith Compatibility patch  !!

=>Sirius Suit Armosmith Compatibility Patch by ryzr

Atomic Beauty Conversion:
!! Check MunkySpunk's version  !!

=>Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion by MunkySpunk

If you need some fitting light:
!! Use akkalat85's Shoulder Lamp !!

=>TNR Shoulder Lamp by akkalat85

My personal preference for a perfectly fitting and very stylish Handgun:
Fridock created a 3d model called Rand's Signature Pistol (concept art by Timur Mutsaev)
Rand's Signature Pistol Model by Fridock  (not for use ingame)
!!  jsnider193 delivers that gun as *Rand's Signature Pistol by Fridock* within his weapon collection !!
JMS Weapon Conversions by jsnider193

Also check my other mods:

- Put all Sirius armor parts into any container, save, and leave the game.
- Uninstall the mod via NMM, or manually by removing all contents, that came along with the mod.

If you think, the procedure for Update-installation or uninstallation is not necessary, then convince me.
That procedure should take care that your gamesave is cleaned from old contents, before installing the new update. I allways do it that way and never have issues.

Q: Why does this look like parts of an Assaultron, mixed with some glass and rubber?!
   Even half of the textures are recolored vanilla?!
A: There, you got me. And not high-class like some others.
   But the intention was, making it lore-friendly, immersive and optically fitting into the game.
   So, what could be more lore-friendly than vanilla-textures?

You can find us on the Nexus as Humannature66 , RazorX13 and Ousnius.
if u need technical help with this, use the thread or contact us via pm;

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Caliente and Ousnius
(Highpoly & flexible, the way we love it)

SHB Super Hero Bodies (Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Conversion) by smorris2012
(create some real heroic bodies with this!)
Enhanced Vanilla Bodies by Leito86
(which was the base for SHB, and a preference for highpoly male bodies imo!)

BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente.
(1001 possibilities in bodyshaping & outfitcreation)

Ousnius for essential help and valuable info.
(Walking The Path with an ease, only a few could ever follow. Danke, mann)

Sirius Suit Armosmith Compatibility Patch by ryzr
(Thank you, friend, very much appreciated)

Niftools Team for Nifskope
(Thx for your creative minds)

Sur3ReVeRsi0n for finding the name Sirius for this suit.

(Thanx, son  ;)

Niero and Yaminightmare for valuable info.
(thx for giving guiding hints, guys)

Bethesda for creating Fallout 4;

RazorX13 & HN66

We hope we have not forgotten anyone here. If so, please let us know, and we will add him/her.

Used softwares
NIFSkope - http://www.niftools.org/
Blender - http://www.blender.org/
DXTBmp - http://www.softpedia.com
Photofiltre - http://photofiltre.softonic.de/
Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/

Used mods in our promo screeners
Dave's Poses by Davethedrunk

Desert Eagle .50 AE - Standalone Handgun by DOOM
The M2216 Standalone Assault Rifle by FF7CloudStrife and thespaceman0915
Alone by archidan85 (ReShade Preset)
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar by Azar

NO re-uploads, whether here on Nexus nor on other sites without our permission!
Nothing of this stuff is resource material and may NOT be re-submitted without our written consent!
This includes, but is not limited, to derivatives!
In ALL cases give credits to all those named above!
greetz Humannature66 / RazorX13 /Ousnius