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Immersive ammunition crafting and other features.

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 This mod will add the construction of a new workbench called "Ammunitions Workbench" allowing the craft of all kinds of ammunitions including special ones. Everything is balanced thru perks and materials. [OPTIONAL] Gatling Laser was modified to use a new kind of ammo instead Fusion Cores. [OPTIONAL] Weapons like .44 revolver, minigun, gatling laser, alien blaster and .50 receivers were rebalanced as well to improve the fun without remove too much balance.

 To craft ammo you will need some specific perks and components, building the workbench requires Local Leader rank 2 like any other benchs. Crafting ammo is really fun, for example, to craft a box of shotgun shells you will need to craft pellets + shotgun hulls + gunpowder + primer, to craft fusion cells you will need aluminum, circuitry, adhesive, plastic and electrochemical cells. Every ammo type craft was developed to be as immersive as possible and any suggestion is welcome.

 Mines and grenades require now more immersive components to be crafted as well, new types were added like Nuke Mine and Nuka Grenade. The Gatling Laser now uses a new kind of ammo instead Fusion Cores: Gattling Fusion Cell. NPCs using Gatling Lasers now drop the ammo as well.

 Some weapons were modified to be more fun and immersive:
 Minigun +25% base damage
 Gatling Laser +30% base damage
 .44 Revolver +50% base damage
 Alien Blaster +50% base damage
 Pipe-Bolt Action .50 Receiver 75% to 150% damage bonus
 Rifle .50 Receiver 75% to 150% damage bonus

 Use Nexus Mod Manager to install and select all features your want to install!
 Uninstall using NMM too or deleting the CraftingOverhaulTlTl.esp from your ...Fallout 4\Data\ folder.

 Thank you for inspiring me to do this goes to: kr1ck, drdanzel, Lexman6 and Binary7.