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Sim Settlements AddOn Pack containing a power plant building tree, and a barracks building tree.

Permissions and credits
Requires Version 2.0.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements

New Advanced Factories: 1 tree
New 2x2 Martial: 1 tree

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: No

Sim Settlement Forum
Adds 2 new Building trees, one for Power, and one for defense.
Power Tree (Advanced Industrial):
   Lvl1 Battery Bank - Provides 10 power
   Solar Branch:
      Lvl2 Solar Farm - Provides 20 power and 15 happiness
      Lvl3 Solar Farm - Provides 40 power and 30 happiness
   Wind Branch:
      Lvl2 Windmill - Provides 30 power
      Lvl3 Windmill - Provides 60 power
   Methane Branch:
      Lvl2 Methane Power Plant - Provides 40 power Consumes 2 Food 2 Water and 15 Happiness
         Spawns 1 Brahmin
      Lvl3 Methane Power Plant - Provides 80 power Consumes 4 Food 4 Water and 30 Happiness
         Spawns 2 Brahmin
   Oil Branch:
      Lvl2 Oil Power Plant - Provides 50 power Consumes 30 Happiness
      Lvl3 Oil Power Plant - Provides 100 power Consumes 60 Happiness

Barracks Tree (2x2 Martial):
   Lvl1 Guard Tent - Provides 9 defense Consumes 2 Food, and 2 Water
      Spawns 2 Mercenary Guards
   Minutemen Branch:
      Lvl2 Minutemen Quarters - Provides 25 base defense* and 10 happiness Consumes 6 Food and 6 Water.
         Spawns 4 Minutemen Recruits
      Lvl3 Minutemen Barracks - Provides 50 base defense* and 20 happiness Consumes 12 Food and 12 Water.
         Spawns 4 Minutemen Privates
         Spawns 1 Minutemen Corporal
         Spawns 1 Minutemen Sergeant

Railroad Branch:
      Lvl2 Railroad Safehouse - Provides 30 base defense* Consumes 6 Food and 6 Water.
         Spawns 4 Tourists
      Lvl3 Railroad Covert Operations Center - Provides 60 base defense* Consumes 12 Food and 12 Water.
         Spawns 4 Railroad Operatives
         Spawns 2 Railroad Heavies

   Brotherhood Branch:
      Lvl2 Brotherhood Recruitment Outpost - Provides 35 base defense* Consumes 6 Food, 6 Water and 10 happiness.
         Spawns 4 Brotherhood Initiates
      Lvl3 Brotherhood Stronghold - Provides 70 base defense* Consumes 12 Food, 12 Water and 20 happiness.
         Spawns 4 Brotherhood Knights
         Spawns 1 Brotherhood Knight-Captain
         Spawns 1 Brotherhood Paladin

   Institute Branch:
      Lvl2 Institute Outreach Center - Provides 40 base defense* Consumes 10 power and 20 happiness.
         Spawns 3 Synths (Gen1)
      Lvl3 Institute Relay Station- Provides 80 base defense* Consumes 20 power and 40 happiness.
         Spawns 3 Synths (Gen2)
         Spawns 1 Institute Courser

*Base Defense: Part of the goal of the barracks tree is to role-play each faction trying to take  control of the commonwealth, the 2 ways I've done this is tying each factions barracks into it's quest line, and by having them give a variable amount of defense. The defense values are affected by how many barracks that faction controls, how may it's allies control, and how many it's rivals control:

Defense = baseDefense * ( ( NumFactionBarracks + NumAlliedFactionBarracks/2 - NumRivalFactionBarracks/2)^.25 )

Each Factions Barracks is Settlement-Unique, it takes the script about 60 seconds to catch up so don't upgrade 2 of the same faction's barracks in the same settlement at the same time, since only one will provide defense.

Don't place the windmills next to and thing higher that 3 stories, otherwise it will clip.

The Oil Power Plant requires you have at least 1 of Industrial Revolution's oil pumps in the settlement.

KingGath for SimSettlements
MikeMoore for the Solar Pannels
Mytigio for help Scripting

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