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This mod solves the old problem of useless fences with large gaps between them by adding snap points to the junk fences and guard towers. This enables you to snap them gapless together. Furthermore you can snap floors as walkways to some of the fences.

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W H A T   I T   D O E S

This mod solves the old problem of useless junk fences with large gaps between them. I made the fences 5% larger and added a bunch of different snap nodes to them. All fences and the large guard tower now have 2 snap nodes for other walls (junk fence or normal walls) on each side in 2 different highs. That way you can compensate small altitude differences of the ground. If you want to make smooth curves you can use the two thicker junk fences for a 30° curve.

The following wall types have additionally snap nodes for floors:

  • Straight fences have 4 snap nodes for floors in 2 different highs. While the upper is good for placing turrets on it the lower is perfect for seeking cover behind the wall.
  • 90° corners are basically the same as the straight fences. Only difference is, that it has 6 Instead of 4 snap nodes for floor, so your walkway can go around the corner as well.
  • Doorways only have the upper snap nodes, because it would not make much sense blocking the door with the lower ones.

This changes will affect all vanilla fences placed anywhere in the game (even those in raider camps). I don't think the 5% will have such a huge effect on them though, so you would probably not notice.

All fences and guard towers that you have already placed in your settlements will automatically being updated. 


H O W   T O   I N S T A L L

  • Extract the downloaded zip file.
  • Copy contents into the Data folder inside your Fallout 4 installation directory.
  • Activate BetterJunkFences.esp in your favorite mod manager.