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Adds option for player to sleep on couches, and rest on chairs.

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* NEW in v1.1 *

You can now also rest on chairs (comfortable ones). Max 3 hours of rest on Survival difficulty (same as sleeping bags).


Small mod that adds an option to sleep on couches anywhere in the world. Works on all couches included in the vanilla game. The option is enabled on most couches - those that look comfortable enough. Works just like a real bed (no restrictions).

NPCs will not sleep on the couches. Sitting works like normal.


Install with a mod manager or manually extract "Sofa Surfer - Sleeping on Couches.zip" to your Fallout 4 data folder.


Delete "jdmSofaSurfer.esp" and "jdmSofaSurfer - Main.BA2" from your data folder.


A few users have reported problems using this mod together with "See You Sleep", so keep that in mind (I did not have any problems with this mod myself).

Conflicts with other mods that add more activation options to couches and chairs, such as Furniture Owner and G2M - Workshop's "Assign Owner" feature.

Let me know if you experience any other problems.