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Workshop craftable aerial Sentry for protecting Settlements

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RobCo Whirligig Sentry

Version 1.18


Workshop craftable aerial Sentry (miniature Vertibird) for protecting Settlements


  • Whirligig: "Wireless High-Reliability Independent Government-Issue Gunship"

  • Four (4) models available: Minigun, Gatling Laser, Gauss Cannon, Prototype Disruptor.

  • Craft-able at Workshop stations, with availability influenced by the Gun Nut and Science skills.

  • Similar to "Turrets" but with mobility for enhanced enemy detection, suppression, and elimination.

  • Whirligig Sentries can be attacked by enemies, and potentially damaged and destroyed.

  • Helipads can be damaged and eventually destroyed - which neutralizes their corresponding Sentry.

  • Once destroyed, things can be repaired using the normal Workshop method.

  • Detected enemies are optionally marked with a Red Diamond; enabled by default but can be disabled.

  • Adjustable settings via any mini-Helipad or a craftable Whirligig Sentry Terminal (see Workshop Furniture>Miscellaneous).

  • PLEASE ... provide suggestions for ways to improve this mod if you decide to uninstall.

Additional Information:

See the Whirligig Sentry F.A.Q. for further details as well as usage Recommendations.

Robco Marketing Blurbs:

When staying behind to guard a settlement is *not* an option: Robco Whirligig Sentry ®

Think RobCo - When The Going Gets Tougher Than Tough!

- * -

"RobCo Whirligig Sentry", "RobCo Has Your Back", "Whirly", and"Team Whirly" are Registered Trade Marks of RobCo Industries; All Rights Reserved.


Install using a mod manager, or unpack the mod and copy the .ESP and .BA2 files into the game's \DATA folder, then enable the mod.

Place this mod's .esp file below all other Vertibird mods, and also below the .esp file of my Whirly companion if installed.


No special requirements.  DLCs are not needed.

Known Issues:

WARNING: This mod might or might not work correctly for Player Characters who have become "bad guys", either by allying with Raiders (etc.) or via the Nuka-World DLC. Use at your own risk if playing a Bad Guy, but please report related issues in as much detail as possible.

If companions receive a Marker and it does not disappear fairly quickly, then you may need to take those companions to a Helipad and stand nearby for a few minutes. Do that when there is no fighting happening, no enemies nearby, and the Sentry is hovering peaceably. And if it becomes troublesome, consider disabling the Marking feature at a Helipad.

Whirligig Sentries can be hampered by the presence of tall things (because of limitations in the game's AI), so avoid placement near tall buildings and tall trees.  Similarly, it is usually best to place mini-Helipads on the ground, not on structures or in high places.

Known Conflicts:

Pip-Boy replacement mods that are not fully compatible with basic scripting functions for the standard Pip-Boy may cause this mod's settings menu to not be shown when interacting with a Helipad. In which case, craft a Whirligig Sentry Terminal via a Workshop and use it instead; found in the Workshop "Furniture>Miscellaneous" section.

This mod uses the same audio as the regular Vertibirds, but moderates the sound volume to be less intrusive / annoying when heard in Settlements. Which means regular Vertibirds will have notably quieter engine-noise sound levels.

To Uninstall:

Uninstall with the mod manager that was used for the original install, or delete the .ESP and .BA2 files.


This mod may not be reused in part or whole for any purpose other than its original intent. It may not be uploaded to any other web site.
Get in touch with me if you wish to discuss things; for example, translation into a non-English language.

Change Log:

See the Change Log to review what is included in each update.


Bethesda Softworks - for the original Models and Textures [I merely provided the ingenuity and scripting to bring Whirligig Sentries "to life"]

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In Memoriam:

In memory of my Father (may he Rest In Peace) who was a model airplane maker (gliders & gas powered) and an RC enthusiast.