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Realistic weapon scrapping

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It has always bothered me that we only got a single unit of one resource from scrapping un-modded weapons, since the Scrapper perk only give the player components from any mods/upgrades attached to weapons and armor.

The same amount of steel from a Minigun as from a Pipe Pistol? Seriously?!

No more of that nonsense

With some mechanical inclination and a familiarity with firearms, as well as a little bit of logic, I have overhauled weapon scrapping to give you more realistic amounts and varieties of components.

The only weapons left out are the Tesla Rifle, Assaultron Head, Deliverer, Broadsider, Junk Jet, and the Alien Blaster. I could have included them, but I figured it would be a waste of time to include unique weapons. Tried to add the Thirst Zapper and Paddle Ball, but they cannot be scrapped.

If you'd like to hold onto any attached mods I recommend Free Downgrades; it's a fantastic mod that I've been using for the better part of a year.

Questions I've gotten:

Q: Will this invalidate the Scrapper perk?
A: No. The Scrapper perk gives you uncommon resources from the mods that are attached to weapons.
Better Weapon Scrap is intended to be an approximation of the resources that make up the base weapons, themselves.

Quite literally, Better Weapon Scrap complements the Scrapper perk.

Q: Will you be making Better Armor Scrap?
A: I actually intended to. In fact I had it 99% completed, needing only a few kinks ironed out, but I encountered some problems when I upgraded my computer hardware that left me unable to access the files on my hard drive. (It's a long story.)
I only recently got back into the game. Using Armorsmith Extended, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2228, I've noticed that the scrap gotten from apparel is better than vanilla; nearly to the point that Better Armor Scrap would be redundant.
A: Fortunately I was able to get the data recovered from my old hard drive, and I'll try to get Better Armor Scrap published in a few weeks.

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