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Have you ever wondered why people would settle in a place for the long haul, but not lift a finger to improve their living situation? Maybe they just didn't have anywhere to put all that rubbish surrounding them! This mod solves that problem, and enables your settlers to clean up after themselves!

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This mod adds a rubbish bin as a new craftable, workable item for your settlements. When a settler is assigned to the bin, they will begin to clean up the random debris in a fairly large area (4096 unit diameter, the width of a game cell) around the bin. This will also increase the happiness of the settlement.

The debris will be tidied bit by bit over the course of several days (20-ish in most cases, but it depends on how dirty the area is). Even after everything has been tidied, keeping someone assigned to it will continue to add happiness to the settlement.  The bin can also be moved in order to change the focus of your settler's efforts.

You can build a rubbish bin from the Resources/Other section of your workshop menu (next to the scavenging station).

Now comes with a handy Pip-Boy app (holotape) that allows you to select the categories of items you wish to have cleared.  The holotape should be put in your inventory automatically, but it can also be constructed at a chem workbench.

This mod requires adding bUseCombinedObjects=0 to the [General] section of your Fallout4Custom.ini in order for the mod to detect all the types of junk (This setting can also be added through the NMM installer).

Types of items that can be tidied (I tried to keep it to items that cannot be scrapped manually):
  • Decorations
  • Fungus
  • Grass
  • Household Objects
  • Leaves
  • Rubble and Trash
  • Shrubs
  • Vines

I definitely have not yet made an exhaustive search of all the settlements, so please let me know if there is any junk that you think should be tidied, but doesn't seem to be targetted yet (remember it may take ~20 in-game days to clean everything around the bin).

I am still planning on adding corpses, because they are extremely annoying (I may enable this through another workshop item, like a grave marker or something).  And I will probably add a small amount of recovered resources each day the bin is active.

There shouldn't be any issues, as all objects and scripts are new, and the existing game objects and cells are not touched.

Known Issues or Bugs
Not really an 'issue', but be aware that the debris will not disappear while you are in a settlement.  It will however keep track of how much should be removed per day, so that when you leave and come back, the proper amount of junk will be gone even if you have stayed in one place for several days.

The Household Objects category doesn't contain very many things, as I haven't decided yet if I should add larger items like furnaces or not.

1.1, 2016/08/30 - Added config via Pip-Boy, some settler animation, and NMM installer.
1.0, 2016/08/26 - Initial release.