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Simply makes glowing animal variants emit light, scaled to their size.

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Nuka World patch uploaded!

This mod simply attaches a light source to every glowing animal variant, making them emit light.  The size of the animal determines the radius and strength of the lights, so deathclaws are brighter than ghouls, which are brighter than radroaches, etc. 

This also fixes the Glowing Behemoths and Glowing Mutant Hounds, neither of which had actual glow maps.  The Glowing Behemoth also has a radiation cloak like all other glowing variants.


This mod will conflict with anything that modifies the Glowing Mutant Hounds and Glowing Behemoths.  If you load this mod first, and the other one later, you will lose the glow but retain the edits from the other mod.  For the Far Harbor add-on, the same applies to the Glowing Angler.

If you are using Super Mutant Redux, the only conflict is the Glowing Behemoths.  I recommend you load that mod after this one to minimize problems.  No patch required.

Known Issues:

Molerats still don't work for some reason.
New glow maps are still WIP.
Oswald will be added if I can make him work.

There are now versions which only affect Deathclaws and/or Ghouls.  You can use them together if you wish.

I highly recommend Darker Nights and Interiors Enhanced for the full effect.

Inspired by the Glowing Ghouls mods from FO3 and FNV, but thanks to the engine update this can now be done without scripts.  100% safe to uninstall.

Thanks to cat_woman1989 for the assistance.

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