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Adds Real Sounds and Fixes for Birds

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This simple Mod adds Real Sounds to Birds, adjusts their Volume and distant audibility.
Now they should be realistically audible.

                                                 Be honest did you really noticed that there even Birds in the Game??!

Crows should now actually be kinda scary,while Seagulls doing their best to just annoy you! ...  mine .. mine ...mine...mine!...


  Current Version v0.5


1.  Go to your Documents/My Games/Fallout 4 and open the Fallout4Custom.ini and just add


2.  Download the Mod and activate with your favorite Mod Manager ... Done!

3.  How and why...wth?! No Problem ... Please head over to Gophers awesome Tutorials on how to edit your .ini Files,and how and why you should use a Mod Manager for Mods like this.


1.  Uninstall old Version and just Install New Version.


1.  No need to change back the .ini File edits,just leave it.
2.  Click Uninstall in your Mod Manager ... Done!


Should be compatible with everything,except other Sound Replacer of course.
For Mods like "Reverb and Ambience Overhaul" load Radiant Birds before mods like this.


Work stopped and abandoned

No support

All Assets available as Modders Resource at Bird Sounds

Known Bugs: It just Works...


FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha

All Sounds added by this Mod are from and under no Lizens "CC0" to my best knowledge.if i'm doing something wrong here!Please Contact me.