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Fixes a number of bugs in Raider Overhaul and restores the vanilla Raider level scaling behavior so they are not all the same level as the player.

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Raider Overhaul Rebalanced

Raider Overhaul is a brilliant mod that adds style and variety to the raiders of the Commonwealth.  Unfortunately, it is a bit unbalanced, largely because it forces every raider in the game to be the same level as the player.  Combined with the very powerful weapons and Power Armor introduced in RO, this makes them excessively dangerous since they are often encountered in groups.

This patch restores the vanilla leveling behavior of the raiders, both the original raiders and the new types added by RO.  This means that most raider types will spawn at levels from 1 to either 67 or the player's own level, whichever is lower.  Raiders in zones that limit NPC levels, such as the Corvega Assembly Plant, will spawn at whatever level range the zone calls for.

With this patch, raiders remain a strong challenge, but now are not so overpowered.

Bug Fixes

Along with the level rebalancing, this patch addresses the following issues:

  • Applies fixes from the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch that were overriden by RO.  Note that this patch does not require that you have UFO4P installed.
  • Updates armor and weapons records with AWKCR keywords that were missing due to RO being based on an older version of AWKCR.
  • Fixes the Spiked Armor and Cage Armor so that they properly show up with their metal parts.
  • Fixes the Intimidation perk which RO broke by removing its attribute requirements.
  • Fixes bug that made Heavy and Medium Dog Armor and Junkyard Dog Armors invisible.
  • Fixes the full-face masks (skull, smiley face) and the vanilla Sack Hoods so that they can be equipped under helmets, allowing the raider outfits added by RO to show up as intended.
  • Fixes the Buzz Axe animations.


This is a simple plugin, install manually in the Data folder or use your favorite mod manager.  The plugin must be loaded after Raider Overhaul.


This patch works with Raider Overhaul versions 12.4 and 12.5 Beta.  It will not work properly with older versions of RO.

Compatibility with other Raider Overhaul patches:


MadMAX713, Joemitchell320, Thirdstorm, KKthebeast, MunkySpunk for Raider Overhaul
Sharlikran for xEdit
Bethesda for Fallout 4