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A functioning WIP mod focusing on adding more diversity to the Commonwealth's Raiders.

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Fairly large update, please READ THE Change Log & Sticky notes before installing.

Raider Overhaul

This is a Work In Progress mod that tries to add more style and diversity to the raiders of the Commonwealth. I mean, your going to be fighting them ALL THE TIME. This mod adds various headwear and armor in the game that appear wilder, more savage, more "raider-esque". Also included are consumables, new power armor, dog gear and equipment modifications, designed to reflect the savagery and carelessness of the raider faction. This mod requires the AWCKR mod, and nearly everything is CBBE compatable. Every piece included (except the raider mod armor retexture) is 100% standalone and no vanilla textures have been replaced in any way. Raiders and their dogs in your game will randomly spawn with n new or armor. You may even meet a Raider Dreadnaught up close!

WARNING: This mod makes raiders tougher (duh)

If you like my Power Armor, but dont want the rest of my mod, check out Mad Max's Raider Power Armor Chop-Shop

CBBE compatable.

KKTheBeast has made VIS patches for this mod.

Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource is required to use this mod.

I have also included a download, Raider Armor Buff that adds a little defense to raider armor.

There's also the Super Mutant Redux

Dont forget there is now Better Armor Mod Descriptions support!

Featured on Haoswidasee's Ultimate Fallout Mod Compilation!

Hable Espanol: Raider Overhaul WIP with Spanish Translation

The Dreadnaught's armor is in. This (very) heavy Raider upgrade is one tier higher than buttressed armor. It sports impressive stats, on par with Heavy Combat Armor. The Dreadnaught set is layered in vibrant, contrasting colors to attract enemies, and bring WAR. You'll instantly know where to focus your attention, as will your enemies when your wearing this fortress of undiluted awesome! Completely compatible with all linings, renaming, and fully integrated into the game. With this set I've included a custom fitted Dreadnaught Helmet, as fearsome as it is defensive. Also there's a new outfit to compliment the set, the Tar Walker Outfit, garb peeled from the oily hands of the infamous Tar Walkers from a secluded, ruined city called Filla Delphia.

The forged have a whole new look and feel. And a big defense boost to boot. Ive added custom armors for the forged that will only spawn on them. There are 5 variants:
  • Forged Subaltern Outfit
  • Forged Factotum Outfit
  • Forged Abettor Armor
  • Forged Despot Armor
  • Forged Magnate Armor
Each variant has slightly more defense and fire resistance than the previous. 3 of the outfits can be crafted in the AWKCR Armor Station, however the other 2 variants must be looted from the forged themselves. Furthermore, the forged will now spawn with crowbars and shiskebabs in addition to their flamers.

IMPORTANT: This update doesnt make the forged OP in any way, however it does make them tougher. I highly suggest you take the time to outfit the settlers at the Slog. Giving your settlers better guns and armor will give them a much easier time against the tougher Forged.

With this mod the Raider Power Armor has gotten a complete overhaul, every power armor mod, including jetpacks, 8 new paints, each with their own benefits, full leveled list integration, so it can be found throughout the Commonwealth. It still has less defense that other PA variants, but it has a great amount of health, and can be repaired with some steel and duct tape. Expect raider bosses to battle in tricked out custom power armor rigs!

The Junkyard Dog Armor(s) come in light, medium and heavy variants, all of which are much heavier than vanilla dog armor, but offer far more protection, without breaking immersion. The armor will NOT make DogMeat invincible, but it will make him more resilient. I gave them some energy resistance since the majority of the armor is metal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this upgraded defense can make raider mongrels fairly tough, but they wont spawn with any armor at low levels and their damage output remains the same. Just be prepared if you see a raider mongrel rushing at you with this armor on.

  • Heavy Junkyard Dog Armor
-15 Units of weight
-60 Damage Resistance
-30 Energy Resistance
  • Medium Junkyard Dog Armor
-10 Units of Weight
-40 Damage Resistance
-20 Energy Resistance
  • Light Junkyard Dog Armor
-5 Units os Weight
-20 Damage Resistance
-10 Energy Resistance

Download Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource first.
Then download with the NMM, or you can manually install, unzip and Copy into your Data folder. If your upgrading your version, please uninstall and delete any previous versions, then install and activate the current one.

Thanks to Yogensya for allowing us to include his weapons; check this guy out, his mods are incredible!

Thanks to TrickyVein for the Murdering Chainsaw and the Slaughtering Buzz Axe!

Thanks to asXas for the Crude Blowback, the Handmade Revolver, and the Concrete Sledgehammer!!


Thanks to Elgoes and Henkspamadres for the The Pipe Shotgun 

Thanks to mattsahuman & Stefan Engdahl for the Standalone Pipe shotgun (Pipeshotty)

Thanks to Valdacil and Gambit77 for the awesome AWKCR mod, it really helps and makes everything a lot easier.

Thanks to elr0y7 for continuing to help me create compatability patches, giving me tips and advice, and being an all-around cool cat.

Huge shoutout to vasstek, who taught me how to do this, this dudes awesome. check out his NanoArmor!

Thanks to kktheBeast for his Patches!