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Fixes issues with Surgeon and Barber showing back of your head while using mods with camera tweaks.

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Barber and Surgeon Fix:

Ladies and gentleman, it's finally here! If you're using mods that alter the camera settings in your ini file by adding the line bApplyCameraNodeAnimations=0 and are annoyed by the fact that you cannot use the barber or get facial reconstruction because you're stuck looking at the back of your head, I have a fix for you!

- What is this?

This is a fix for anyone using mods like Tactical Animations. I very slightly altered the scripts for barbers and surgeons that reverts the "bApplyCameraNodeAnimations" settings to vanilla as soon as you pay for the service, then sets it back to 0 after so your custom camera settings take control again!

Please note: Altered scripts will remain in effect in a save game even after the altered script is removed. This may have a negative impact if you deide to go back to vanilla camera settings.

- Are there any incompatible mods?

Mods that alter the scripts for the barbers and surgeon will be incompatible. This is not to be mistaken for regular doctors that heal radiation and such.

- Whats New?

  • 1.0 - Finally implements the fix on the Vault-Tec Workshop Barber and Surgeon chairs!
  • 0.2 - Fixed camera on workshop chairs
  • 0.1 - Initial Release

- How do I install this mod?

For easy installation, download and install with Nexus Mod Manager.

- I don't like it, how do I get rid of it?

Use Nexus Mod Manager for easy uninstallation.

- Can I use this mod for my own projects, or upload to another site?

Please do not redistribute my work.

- Who all is responsible for this mod?

The developers of B.A.E for extracting the ba2 files, Champollion for decompiling the .pex scripts, Notepad++, Bethesda, and the community at large!

That's it, enjoy!