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Tired of Molerat Disease? Craft a cure!

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Are you tired of losing 10 HP to an incurable disease just because you followed the path the game morally guilted you to take? Do you find it silly that it's impossible to just make another cure? Do you just hate Austin in general? If so, this mod is for you!

The 'Homemade Vault 81 Cure' is added as an alternative stimpak recipe at chemistry stations, which can be crafted using a stimpak and molerat meat. It acts as a slightly more potent version of the normal stimpak, cures any molerat diseases you may have, and most importantly CAN'T BE USED ON CHILDREN*.

In case you'd rather it make more sense, there's an alternate version that's only craftable after completing Vault 81's quest where the original item makes an appearance. Using this version won't allow you to preemptively craft hundreds of cure stimpaks that you will absolutely not work on sick children*, in anticipation that one day it might be relevant, so use with caution. Thank you to Mkdo40 for showing that this is possible and helping with it.

*Children may be limited to ginger haired vault dwelling boys named Austin.