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Adds a glow effect to lootable corpses, collectibles, etc. when you have the Scrapper perk. Updated for 100% more enjoyment!

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Next Version
 - Option to auto loot food and drink items.
 - Option for keeping highlights more persistent.
 - Experimental pulsing highlights.
 - System for simple compatibility patches.
 - Detect mines and some types of traps.

Version 3800 - 6/7/2018
 - Autoloot should properly trigger OnActivation events.
 - Improved mod startup/reboot time.

This mod will highlight corpses, ash/goo piles, unassigned settlers and objects, broken or unpowered objects, friendlies when scoped, creatures sleeping or unconscious, containers, terminals, collectibles, keys, holos, books, plants, doors, weapons, ammo, caps, chems, legendary items.. and even synth infiltrators.  This mod is highly configurable including settings for when and what to highlight, when to unhighlight, and the color of each highlight.

The mod activates once you take the Scrapper perk, or you manually start it via MCM or holotape.


The mod detects when you are in a settlement or an interior location that you own and disables container and item highlights automatically.  No reason to loot something that is already yours.  Out in the world, common loose items will not highlight if taking them would be stealing, but containers will still highlight so that you can examine their contents.

In the vanilla game Scrapper rank 2 highlights objects (like junk) that contain components you tag.  You can tag components in the crafting interface and in the pipboy inventory.  This mod provides an alternative to this feature, so you can customize how junk is highlighted.  It also allows you to tag components from the MCM.  If you are not using F4SE customization of this feature is limited.

This feature will highlight objects in the world containing the components you select, and will also include those objects in inventory searches (highlighting corpses and containers).  The mod remembers encountered items and becomes more accurate and responsive over time.

Common sundries such as ammo, chems, caps, bobbypins, as well as tracked junk can be auto-looted.  Junk will be sent to your last visited workshop, while ammo etc. is given to the player when the pipboy is opened.  Non-legendary weapons can be auto-looted and converted immediately to caps.  Quest items are not autolooted and this feature will not take an item if it would count as stealing.  Also survival needs like meats and plants will not be autolooted.

Autolooting is only active while highlights are active.

Normally autoloot triggers on proximity.  But if an exploded corpse is strewn across the battlefield and you can't find the "center" of it just pick up a chunk of that supermutant or whatever it used to be and autoloot will trigger.

New weapons and ammo added by mods can be highlighted and autolooted too.  The first time you equip a new weapon from a mod Loot Detector will ask you to confirm adding it to the detection list.  Default ammo for the weapon will automatically be discovered as well.  To teach Loot Detector about special ammo, drop a single round on the ground and let it be highlighted.

Normally when you aim at a friendly they will be highlighted in cyan, but if you have synth highlighting active (and the requisites) synth infiltrators will highlight in gray instead.  When you detect a synth in your settlement, keep your gun trained on them and approach, they will panic and attack (or surrender).  Thus they can be eliminated without turning your settlement against you.

You can map a key via MCM or other means to toggle all active effects.
Use this console command for manual mapping:
cqf xatmosScrapperQuest ToggleManualOverride

(these are disabled by default)

Some features can be gated behind perks as follows:
- Sleeping highlight requires Mister Sandman.
- Highlighting unassigned settlers and work objects requires Local Leader.
- Highlighting scrappable junk requires Scrapper rank 2.
- Highlighting doors requires VANS.
- Detecting friendlies requires Awareness.
- Detecting synth infiltrators requires Awareness AND Robotics Expert.
- Autolooting items requires Science! AND Scrounger OR Fortune Finder.

Usually uninstalling or upgrading will not cause any problems.  But just to be extra safe, make multiple saves before upgrading or removing the mod.

To fully uninstall, verify that the following files and/or folders are removed:
Fallout 4\data\scripts\xatmosScrapper*.pex
Fallout 4\data\scripts\xatmos\xatmosScrapper*.pex
Fallout 4\data\MCM\Config\Loot Detector\*
Fallout 4\data\MCM\Config\xatmosLootDetector\*
Fallout 4\data\textures\effects\gradients\xatmosScrapper\*

Users of the pre-CK version of this mod should first uninstall everything related to it.  Do not install any "patches" for this mod, they are all outdated.

NMM users should download the ESP version.  NMM does not properly support ESL files.  If you are new to modding and run into trouble give this page a read through!

Don't forget to install the Brawl Bug Fix by ErshinPL to prevent certain scripted events from breaking.

The mod can take about a minute to boot up for the first time.

Check your inventory for the Loot Detector holotape.  Below is a description of each option:

Corpse Vision:  Highlight corpses and ashpiles with loot.
KO Vision:  Highlight unconscious (e.g drugged, knocked out, or powered down) actors.
Sandman Vision:  Highlight sleeping friends and foes.
Loot Vision:  Highlight keys, collectibles, and legendary items in the world (optionally more).
Dumpster Vision:  Highlight containers with loot.
Nerd Vision:  Highlight books, holotapes, and terminals.
Aiming IFF:  Highlight friendlies in ironsights or scoped.
Explorer Vision:  Highlight doors and door-like objects.
Taskmaster Vision:  Highlight unassigned settlers and objects, also settlers with quests.
Mechanist Vision:  Highlight broken and unpowered workshop objects.

Common Sundries:  Include ammo, chems, etc in world and inventory scans.
Survival Needs:  Include food, drink, and flora in scans.
Weightless Trifles:  Highlight and/or loot 0-weight items with a cap value.
Legendary Tracker:  Show or hide the tracker quest objective.
Proximity Suppression:  Suppress highlights on actors when in close proximity.
Component Highlighting:  Include scrappable junk.
Disable Vanilla Component Radar:  Prevent vanilla Scrapper2 highlighting.
Extra Perk Requirements:  Require additional perks for some features.
Unhighlighting:  Determines behavior for corpses and containers.
VATS Override:  Set how VATS interacts with highlight conditions..
Auto Collect:  Toggle auto-looting common sundries and junk.
Caps4Guns:  Automatically convert plain weapons to caps.
Voigt-Kampff Protocol:  Determine how to handle synth infiltrators.
Corpse Context:  Condition for highlighting remains.
Sandman Context:  Condition for highlighting unconscious actors.
Loot Context:  Condition for highlighting items and containers.
Explorer Context:  Condition for highlighting doors and nerd stuff.
Workshop Context:  Condition for workshop highlights.

Currently there are more options that are only available in the MCM.

- Load order does not matter at all (no vanilla forms are modified).
- F4SE and MCM are not required, but highly recommended.
- No DLC is required.  All DLC is supported.
- The Unofficial Patch is highly recommended.
- Mods that change the boundaries of settlements could cause problems.
- Some items from other mods may not be detected within inventories.
- If junk components are changed, tracking may not be accurate.
- Only vanilla components (adhesive, steel, etc.) are supported.

- Doors placed as static objects like rubble or fake walls may be highlighted.
- Flora that is not harvestable may be highlighted anyway.
- Shaders do not work on some transparent objects like glass beakers.
- Magnifying glass icon on tagged objects doesn't update until reload.
- The friendly highlight can get temporarily stuck if toggled rapidly.
- Shotgun ammo boxes highlight but do not trigger a proximity event.