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DLC-sized quest mod. Sep. '16 File of the Month. Hours of new game play. New factions, new locations, and multiple fully voiced companions.

Permissions and credits
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Voted File of the Month - September 2016 - Thank you Nexus Community!

Included in Staff Picks - 15 Feb 2017, thanks to submission by both JimmyRJump and HeavyEavy (Thanks Guys!)

Mod Preview:


9/23/16 - Added a Compatibility Patch for Functional Displays to the Misc Files section
9/25/16 - Update v.0.95d - Minor bug and glitch fixes, added new face texture for Peter from ANiceOakTree. See Change Log
9/27/16 - Added missing Dance Blaster scripts to the Files section. The Dance Blaster will not work properly without them. [My bad - Recluse]
9/27/16 - Update v.0.95e - Includes Dance Blaster scripts and other minor fixes and adjustments. See Change Log
9/28/16 - Update v.0.95f - Bug and Glitch fixes. See Change Log
10/6/16 - Update v.0.95g - Bug and Glitch fixes, item balancing. See Change Log
11/5/16 - Update v.0.99b - Major Content Update. See Change Log and Video featuring the changes
1/12/17 - Update v.1.0 - Minor bug fixes and tweaks. Final Version. See Change Log
1/12/17 - Added v.1.0 ESP-Master File for Fusion City Rising as a modder's resource for making FCR-dependent mods in CK.

Additional Content

At 900MB in size, v1.0 of Fusion City Rising is the final version.  Additional (optional) content will be released as separate mods:

Hookers of the Commonwealth - Adds prostitutes and a subway system to the Commonwealth, including seven new populated subway stations.
Chinese translation of Fusion City Rising - Thanks to 0xb160d1c5 for all the effort. 
French translation of Fusion City Rising - Thanks to Floyd2099 for all the effort.
Russian translation of Fusion City Rising - Thanks to kopasov for adding this.
Spanish translation of Fusion City Rising - Thanks to JJGR1970 for all the effort.
Outcasts & Remnants - The DLC-sized sequel to Fusion City Rising. 
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Required Files

None, just an updated version of the game.  No DLC required.  No other mods required.  But see recommended mods below.  Please use a mod manager to install.

Recommended Mods

CBBE - This mod uses custom CBBE outfits on certain NPC's.  These NPC's will have odd looking skin textures without CBBE installed.  More detail here.  Questions about Bodyslide support for CBBE outfits are answered here.

Valkyr Female FACE Texture - Fusion City Rising features lots of custom female NPC's. These NPC's were designed while using Valkyr's Female FACE Texture, and won't look nearly as good without it. DO NOT use Valkyr's BODY texture, it is not CBBE compatible, and will cause ugly looking body issues if you use it.

Fusion City Rising Features

- Hours of new content: New quests, new locations, new enemy factions, and new companions.  The time to complete the main story line and all side quests will typically range between 10 and 20 hours depending on how much exploration you choose and how many terminals you read.

- Fusion City: an underground community larger than Diamond City with a mall, subway system, fight arena, hotel, university, player home, clinic, barber, laundromat, bath house, bank, grocery store, church, bars, restaurants, art gallery, residential district, shooting range, every type of vendor, and more.  Using the teleporters in the fight arena you can spawn cage fighters to create massive battles.  The teleporters in the hotel will spawn additional male and/or female NPC's.  The memory pods in the police station can be used to fight battle simulations.

- Club Fusion: A 15-story nightclub with transparent glass dance floors, a decked out pool with waterfalls, sauna, restaurant, bowling alley, bars, male and female VIP rooms, residential areas, executive bedroom and bathroom, and more.  You can spawn additional male and/or female club patrons using the teleporters.  The NPC's will be wearing nightclub attire except the teleporter by the pool will spawn NPC's in bathing suits. 

- New Enemy Factions: The Sword of Atom, Ini-Tec, and Vault-Tec Corporate Security.

- Dozens of terminals revealing a twisted backstory that ties Fallout 4 into the events of Fallout 3 and the fate of the Lone Wanderer.  Lots more, not going to spoil it here.  Don't forget to read the terminals.

- New dungeons, exterior battles, and a huge new vault: Vault 59

- Main quest and multiple side quests. Quest details, play-through videos, and trouble-shooting here.

Three new companions:

1) Peter: a custom fully voiced 8-year old male companion with several hundred lines of dialogue.  Peter gives quests, tells jokes, shares thoughts, talks trash when fighting, and has a special relationship to the player which you can discover by completing his quests.  Peter has custom weapons/outfits and a fully functional affinity system including achievable companion perk.  Peter is located at Railroad HQ.

2) Dayna: custom fully-voiced, flirty female companion with several hundred dialogue lines.  She is romanceable and has a fully functional affinity system and companion perk.  To recruit Dayna as a companion you'll need to complete the quest "Reailty Bytes" that starts when you enter the "Invasion Simulation" memory pod chair on the 5th floor of Club Fusion.  Once inside the simulation, manually select the "Reality Bytes" quest on your Pip Boy and follow the quest markers.

3) Spike: combat Cryoclaw companion who is about the size of a Super Mutant and does Cryo Damage on critical hits.  Spike has limited "voiced" communication- he's like a deathclaw version of Chewbacca from Star Wars.  You'll need subtitles enabled in game settings if you want to see what he is saying.  Spike adds a special perk when he is your companion, and has a fully functioning affinity system.  Spike is imprisoned in Vault 59.

For additional details on each companion, including videos of each companion individually, please see here.

How to Start

As of v.1.0
The main quest line for Fusion City Rising will not start unless you have completed at least one of the following quests:

  • Completed the Railroad Quest Tradecraft
  • Completed the BoS Quest Tactical Thinking (Destroy the Railroad)
  • Completed the Institute Quest End of the Line (Destroy the Railroad)
  • Completed the Minutemen Quest Inside Job
  • Completed the Main Questline Quest Hunter/Hunted (Obtain Courser Chip)

To advance the quest Remnants of Vault 59, visit Railroad HQ and talk to Peter.  He will be standing by the bulletin board wearing a black squire outfit.  If you've already successfully completed one of the required quests listed above, Remnants of Vault 59 will auto-start upon loading your game with the mod installed, and the quest objective "Talk to Peter at Railroad HQ" will appear.

Otherwise you'll need to complete one of the quests listed above before you can speak to Peter for the Remnants of Vault 59 quest, and the quest will not start until you speak to Peter.  Recruiting Peter will still work even if you've killed the Railroad leadership.  You may feel a little guilty though with Peter stranded there all by himself.

If you have completed one of the quests above and Peter will not talk to you to start the main quest, please see here for a workaround.

Hey, we made it to #1 on the Hot Files!

Huge Thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed this mod.

Installation and Notes

Random Q&A
Troubleshooting Log
Known Issues
Problems with Peter (no voice, no face, or can't talk to him)

1) This mod uses assets, with permission, from lots of other mods.  When installing you might receive a message about whether you want to overwrite existing files.  Shouldn't matter how you answer, but easiest path is "yes to all" or "no to all".  To find out which mod a particular item came from, please see the credits below.

2) In game settings, if the music volume is set to off, you will miss a fair amount of important dialogue that occurs over intercoms (similar to
Kellogg's announcements in Fort Hagen).  Best to keep music on.

3) If you want to raise or lower the music volume in Club Fusion, or swap in your own custom music, please see here.

4) The battles in this mod are meant to be tough.  Saving frequently is wise (use hard saves, not quick saves). Companions help.  If parts of the mod seem too tough, temporarily changing the difficulty settings in the game menu is always an option.  Unlike in the vanilla game, for doors that require terminals to open them, the terminal will not always be right next to the door.  You may have to search a bit and explore the level to find the terminal.

There is a troubleshooting log and Random Q&A if you encounter an issue not covered above or in Known Issues.

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