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This mod simply makes it so that when NPCs have 100% of their skin literally engulfed in flames they care a little.

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This mod makes it so NPC humans and civilized ghouls will drop their weapon and run away when they are on fire. No more of this, "it's OK that I'm on fire let me slowly strafe, and calmly steady my aim at you," no. fuck that.


Drop your gun and act like you give a shit.

This mod affects:
Flame thrower
Incendiary shots
Lasers with fire mods
Special NPC fire abilities
Oil traps
Fire hazards
And a few others!
This mod skips altering a few fire hazards that are labeled as having small effects.

There are 2 versions available of this mod.

Version 1 (cool version):
When hit with a molotov or set on fire, civilized ghouls and human NPCs will be staggered hard, have their shootin' arm crippled, drop their gun, and they will run away. When NPCs run away they zip away at ridiculous speed so I added a slowing effect (curable if the NPC uses a Stimpak) and debuffed their action points for 30 sec so they can't sprint (cannot stimpak out of the action point debuff). Molotovs work the same as vanilla on anyone in power armor because well, it's power armor! All of these new features to fire have no effect on the player; we're already smart (or dumb) enough to panic when we are on fire.

In order to make this cool version work and make NPCs reliably drop their gun, I made it so humans and civilized ghouls can no longer use crippled limbs. It's awesome.
Note: you the player are still susceptible to limb crippling from gunfire or anything else that hits you, including fire, you are just immune to the artificial limb crippling added to fire effects.
If you like crippling enemies but you prefer to be immune to crippling you can either wait until you level up and get the Adamantium Skeleton perk or you download the optional Player Immune to Cripple file.

In order to make crippled limbs unusable I had to edit a HumanRace and GhoulRace value. I have no idea if this will conflict with any anime chick body overhaul cartoon cheerleader boob physics mods you're using but if it does I have a suck version available:

Version 2 (suck version):
This version does almost all the same things except instead of enabling unusable crippled limbs and crippling the arm it simply disarms the victim and applies a fear effect to make them run (there's also a fear effect in version 1 for good measure but it's probably redundant with a crippled arm). The downside to this is enemies will very often just pick the weapon right back up or go grab another weapon near their new location after running away. Also sometimes they just don't even run.

Possibly weird behavior:
In order to make NPCs reliably run away I added an effect that actually heals crippled legs. Otherwise the molotov has a chance of crippling their legs and they just sit on the floor staring at you while they roast and it looks dumb. So if you cripple a leg and then decide to set them on fire, this is why they are able to magically run again.

Other weird behavior:
Honestly this mod is just changing NPCs from displaying reeeeeally weird behavior to less weird behavior. I don't think it would take much imagination to make something better and I hope someone does. I would love to see NPCs on fire truly freaking out and and flailing or trying to protect their face but I have no idea how to do that and I have no plans of ever learning how to animate stuff.

If you use CROSS Crit Gore overhaul just put this mod somewhere above below CROSS Crit in your load order. Thanks DerekUGA.

Just install as usual with Nexus Mod Manager

Just uninstall as usual with Nexus Mod Manager. There shouldn't be any residual effects at all. This mod just adds a few tweaked "spell" effects alongside vanilla fire damage over time spells.

Not really a requirement but I highly recommend using this with some damage overhaul or realism mods such as unbogus health scaling and MADNESS to make the NPC's fire-to-death time feel satisfying and believable.
DLC and non-DLC version available.

Getting your hott pervy mods to work with version 1.1:

You'll have to google some mod conflict manager software or just open your body mod in the Creation Kit and remove the checkbox in HumanRace and GhoulRace that says they're allowed to use crippled limbs. Let me know in the comments if you need help.