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llamaRCA DarkDominion J3tAc3 and Rusey

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This mod contains patches made by members of the community to use with Heather Casdin - A Unique Companion Experience by llamaRCA. Current patches available: Full Dialogue Interface, Bhaal's Better Sorting, Valdacil's Item Sorting and Armorsmith Extended

Permissions and credits
This mod contains patches made by members of the community for use with Heather Casdin - A Unique Companion Experience by llamaRCA

Full Dialogue Interface
Extended Dialogue Interface
Valdacil's Item Sorting
VIS-G Item Sorting
Bhaal's Better Sorting
Armorsmith Extended
( for some patches to work properly you also need to have Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource installed and activated )

When you only want to use the patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting you still need to have AWKCR installed and activated.
This is to make sure you also have the icons for Heather's Outfit and Heather's Bag.

Same goes for Armorsmith Extended : AWKCR is required to be installed and activated for Armorsmith Extended to work.

In case you lose Heather's Outfit and/or Heather's Bag one way or the other: they are craftable in the Chemistry Station.
If you have picked an Armorsmith Extended patch, Heather's Outfit and Heather's Bag are craftable at the Armorsmith Bench.
In both cases you do not need any requirements to craft Heather's Outfit or Heather's Bag; you only need the ingredients in your inventory/workbench.

Eventhough it's not that hard to install manually; if you decide to install Heather Casdin Patches without the use of NMM you're on your own.
Use NMM, the FOMOD installer will help you guide through the steps
Make sure you have the original mods installed and activated as instructed.
Overwrite when prompted.
After installation make sure you have the patch loaded after Armorsmith Extended / AWKCR / Valdacil's Item Sorting / Bhaal's Better Sorting and llamaCompanionHeather.esp

When you install one of the patches make sure you have the original mod installed and activated!

If you use a mod like Quick Trade It might conflict with the patch.
If you see the same lines over and over like two talk and two trade options when you talk to Heather, remove said mod.

Use NMM to uninstall Heather Casdin Patches. 
The original llamaCompanionHeather.esp will be restored and the llamaCompanionHeatherXXXPatch.esp ( XXX=name of the patch ) will be removed.

These Patches were created as a collaboration between Rusey, J3tAc3 and DarkDominion.
Rusey and J3tAc3 are responsible for the Armorsmith Extended, Valdacil's Item Sorting an Bhaal's Better Sorting part of the mod.
Euph for the Extended Dialogue Interface part of this mod.
DarkDominion is responsible for the Full Dialogue Interface, VIS-G part of the mod, the FOMOD installer and quality control.