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Feral ghouls become significantly more dangerous after the sun goes down - the way proper zombies do.

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by Greslin

As anyone who watches zombie movies knows, the zombie apocalypse doesn't get any easier after the sun goes down.  28 Days Later, Walking Dead, I Am Legend, you name it.  Who knows why it gets worse at night.  Perhaps the sun makes them a bit sluggish, maybe it's the cooler air. 

This mod adds a version of the Night Person perk to feral ghouls.  From 6pm to 6am, ferals get a health boost, a bit more unarmed damage, and a +2 Perception bonus.  This should make them more likely to notice you at night, more likely to hit you hard, and a bit harder to put down.  Affects ferals and Glowing Ones, but not regular ghouls - only ferals that belong to the vanilla feral ghoul race group.  It shouldn't matter whether combat is happening outside or indoors.

Installation: Drop the .ESP into your load order.  That's it.

Compatibility: This will conflict with any other mod that alters the feral race records.  The feral NPC records should be fine.  To fix it, simply either load the ESP after any other feral race edits, or add the NightGhoul effect to the race records manually with FO4Edit.


I am now available for mod support over Discord.  Visit me here about this or any other of my mods: https://discord.gg/jMUnXDV

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==== What the gaming media is saying! ====

"Cat-Mod takes care of the cats of the end time"
- Gamestar.de (Google translated from German) March 27 2017
about "More Realistic Cats"

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