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A Fallout experience that feels realistic, rewarding, and ultimately much more fun.
Step out of the vanilla fantasy and step into some reality.

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This mod redesigns various game mechanics towards what would actually make sense from a logical standpoint.

If you're a realism/immersion freak like myself when playing games then you'll feel right at home.
Movement will feel correct, combat will be tense, and everything will just make a bit more sense.
All in all, you will have a completely different experience.


Humans move much slower, and different types of weapons will further affect mobility.
Sneaking is slower, strafing is slower, and aiming on the move will significantly slow you down.
You will actually feel like a person who has weight and momentum, not an arcadey camera whipping from corner to corner like a superhero.

According to the lore, power armor can supposedly withstand multiple hits from heavy caliber rifles in the same spot.
The "equivalent" armor plates that we have today which even come close to such durability are extremely heavy.
Just to give some perspective, 1 cubic metre of aluminium weighs ~2700kg and that's just aluminium.
Furthermore, a cubic metre of steel (which is actually used 
for repairs in Fallout 4) weighs ~7800kg.
Lets assume that in the world of Fallout they use a special light(ish) alloy, but even then it would still set its weight in the range of ~500kg and upwards at the very least.
Considering all of this, power armor movement has been modified fitting to a suit of this magnitude.
That being said though, the heavier weapons are still much more manageable in a nice suit of high tech power armor so don't be discouraged.

Human (and humanoid) NPCs have been altered accordingly, so they'll move at the same speed as you.


Creatures will now intimidate you a bit more with their abnormal physical capabilities.
Deathclaws move at deadly speeds.
Supermutants will propel to much higher speeds when moving in straight directions due to their sheer size, power, and muscle mass.
Wolves and hounds are very fast.
And all other creatures have also been carefully looked at in this fashion.


You may have not noticed this, but if you fire your weapon (especially automatics) in the vanilla game, right after every shot there's a 'recoil recovery' mechanic that basically brings your weapon back to where you were initially aiming.
I've removed this spoon-feeding mechanic from the game. Next time you fire a weapon and the recoil kicks up, you'll have to manually recover your aim.
Also, every weapon's recoil has been completely redesigned.
There's a demonstration video comparing the changes made.
Any custom/modded weapons will work seamlessly and receive all changes if they happen to use a base aim model.
So rest assured if you have a lot of modded weapons, they will either get better or just stay the same.

Aiming down on iron/reflex sights has little to no zoom.
The result is a more fluid, realistic, and enjoyable gunplay experience.

Experience the feeling that The Commonwealth should have left you with.
I always felt that some of the music in Fallout 4 was slightly off with the post nuclear apocalypse setting. I view the wasteland as dark, sad, and unsettling but with a rather unique charm to it.
Every track has been hand-picked by myself to further increase the tension in your gameplay experience.
You can listen to the entire playlist in the YouTube video linked below (check the video description for timestamps).

Arbitration - Fantastic AI mod that will make enemies smarter and more unpredictable.
Weapons of Fate - One of my favorite mods, adds bullet velocity and gravity.
Automatically Lowered Weapons - Immersive and cool for when nothing is happening.
Create Your Own Difficulty - Gets rid of bullet sponges. (arbitration also has damage modifiers but I prefer this)
RAW INPUT - Fixes mouse input by disabling acceleration and enabling constant sensitivity.
DEF_UI - Allows you to turn off many spoon-feeding HUD elements such as the sneak indicator, hitmarkers, enemy locations in compass and much more.
3rd Person Movement Speed Fix - I never play in 3rd person but if you do, consider using this mod since the engine handles 3rd person really strangely.


This mod was designed to be as compatible as possible.
The least was used to change the most.
In a case where you're suspicious that another mod may overwrite what this mod does, simply place this mod after (beneath) them and everything should work flawlessly.
Nothing in this mod will corrupt, damage, or linger in your saves in any way.
Don't hesitate to install or uninstall at any time.

Load anywhere you'd like, but if you're ever in doubt about a possible conflict, just move it lower. (explained above)
This will make sure that the file in question doesn't overwrite the changes this mod makes.

Installing this mod is fairly straightforward.
Download with NMM, activate, and you'll be guided through the rest of the installation.