Fallout 4

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Adds 63 plots to Sim Settlements (or 122 if you use the All-In-One). As in Tower town mayhem, Pizzas with rat topping, and a Messy gun shop! Wasteland Venturers, bigger and bolder than ever before!

Permissions and credits


Requires all DLCs and version 4.2.9 or greater of Sim Settlements
This is the legacy (SS1) version of Wasteland Venturers. The SS2 version is here.

CONTENTS - 63 new plots
Homes: 18+2 interior
Shops: 7+1 interior
Farms: 2
Recreational plots: 7+5 interior
Industrial: 2+1 interior
Martial: 5 1x1, 8 2x2, 5 interior

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes

Vault Dweller
Supplies are running low after 200 years, forcing the Vault Dweller to take a few necessities and search for better opportunities out in the Commonwealth. Entrances from Right End and Left Front (RELF).
Industry Home
Squeeze yourself into the safe, warm embrace of the humming industry wall. Entrances from Both Ends and Full Front (BEFF).

Airship Idaho
Airship Idaho floats safely from the ground at level 3. Up to that point it is mostly a dream about an airship. This plot is a dirty boy: It is out of bounds by level 3, albeit at a height that should prevent most clipping with neighbors.
Carpenter House
For all the little Sturgeses out there. Wooden house full of old sawdust and dry paintcans.
Crow’s Nest
Got a black witch that needs a homely turret to hang her hair from? Move in the broomsticks and the cauldron! Only conforms to the plot at the base and expands into the wicked zone at the second story.
House of Lament
Stow away your sad saps in this shack. Once you shut the door you cannot hear their sniveling cries in there.
Gas Station
Got a gas guzzling war rig sitting nearby? Did a crazy Aussie park a battleship at your docks? Fill e'm up at the Gas Station! The gas station residency has a stretch of blacktop road in front of it so it will look weird if built on top of other plots.
Junkwall Home of Boston
Wall home for junk wall junkies! The Junkwall Home of Boston is the first in a series of plots that will form a continuous junk wall if placed beside each other.
Metal Shack
A workshop home with a touch of extra junk.
Pirate House
Argh say I! Who was the landlubber that drank all me rum? House on stilts to be placed where the ground is unsuited for regular plots.
Raider Hobbit
Mr Underhill special over here, minus the faeries, spells, and other crap.
Hide in here to survive the night. Starts as little more than a pile of rubble with a bed in it. Upgrades to a fortress.
NEW! Stilted House
The remodeled water tower is your new home. This plot is designed to work well on uneven ground, but the deep stilts will clip into structures below it. Best used without any foundation.
Station House
It is the end of the line and you might need a place to sleep, cook a 200+ years old can of Woofiesnacks and reload your gun while you wait for the next train to take you to your happy place. Has a concrete foundation.
NEW! Sunset
Discover yourself in a fuming booze cabin. Designed to sit well with wood foundations.
Tall Ruin
Stay high and dry in this high ruin house.
Townhouse Metal
Steam Punky Townhouse set to provide the player with interesting design choices for 24 different end results. Just use the ASAM-sensor and set Manual Upgrades to 'Prevent Auto-upgrades' and choose yourself. Three-story building, suits concrete or no foundation best. Player Home or multiple beds. Can only be built by the player via the ASAM-sensor.
Townhouse Stone
Medieval-ish Townhouse set to provide the player with interesting design choices for 24 different end results. Just use the ASAM-sensor and set Manual Upgrades to 'Prevent Auto-upgrades' and choose yourself. Two-story building, suits concrete or no foundation best. Multiple or single beds. Can only be built by the player via the ASAM-sensor.
NEW! Van House
Sleep, eat and despair in a van. Built to be parkable anywhere.
Voodoo Lodge
The Voodoo Lodge tries to bring a bit of New Orleans combined with a bit of Far Harbor to the wasteland. It is a hovel, a dirty, dingy hovel that smells like a pirate hooker's armpit.

Blaxton’s Bespoke
From rags to riches, Blaxton's has you covered! The snappiest interior clothes store this side of the Charles. Entrances from Right End and Center Front (RECF).

Dying Light Bar
A gray, dusty bar with a dark past and a nasty reputation. The booze is cheap, grainy and salty. The women have scabs. The men lack digits.
Gaslight Concoctions
Healthy and poisonous brews made under gaslight for the customer with caps to spare. Snap an interior plot to the top floor as a home for the shop owner - or to sublet for extra income. Power the interior plot manually.
Gung-Ho Weapons
Sharpen your knifes and top up the molotovs, this weapon dealer comes straight from the boondocks.
Messy Death Gun Shop
Come on in gun lovers! We got big guns, small guns, wet guns, dry guns, yellow guns! We got smelly guns, weird guns, greasy, rusty guns! If you can find a better gun somewhere else: Buy that gun!
Radical Armaments
Like to gird your loins with funny animals? Welcome in and share the glory in a custom shop that sells Pack armor.
Raider Grill
Let no food go to waste, Raider hot dogs and burgers taste jummy in your tummy. Prime cut raider butt!
Sad Shoe Shop
When you need to replace the soles of your flapping shoes you come here. Also sells some leather pieces. Works with any foundation.

Concrete Farm
Dig out the less radiated soil from underneath concrete foundations and old road pavings. This farm was designed for Starlight Drive In but will work in places like Jamaican Plains as well.
Little House in the Wasteland
The Little House in the Wasteland is a garden with a mini house in it for compact living. Has tatos, carrots, corn and mutfruit at higher levels. Can only be built by the player, via the ASAM-sensor.

Headhunter (LELF)
Increases happiness in your settlement. Conqueror Recruitment Center Bonus: When used in an Outpost, this has a chance of increasing your max daily recruitment. Entrance from Left End and Left Front (LELF).
Igor's Crematorium (RERF)
Burn your fallen fellows in style! Conqueror Cemetery Bonus: The morale penalty due to excessive losses during raids and assaults is reduced, as is the happiness penalty for deaths. Entrance from Right End and Right Front. (RERF)
Magic Mushroom Garden
A benign, purely decorative garden meant as an interior center piece. Might wanna keep Mama Murphy away though. Entrances from Both Ends and Full Front (BEFF).
Mess Hall
Beef up your settlers with some home cooked meals. Increases happiness in your Settlement. Conqueror Players: Mess Halls provide a random food buff at the start of assaults to the entire attacking squad. Entrance from Right End and Left Front (RELF).
Pumping Iron (BEFF)
Sweat is just your flab crying. Conqueror Training Yard Bonus: Causes the assigned soldier and any warriors without assignment in an Outpost to slowly gain experience towards their next rank to a max of rank 3. Entrance from Both Ends and Full Front (BEFF).

Hang out in Carla's junk collection, just remember that if you break it, you buy it!
Chosen One
Gather round to hear gossip from afar, read comics and lollygag for a while. Pimp the Chosen One’s car and prep it for the long dusty trips into the deserts.
Little Lamp
A tall treehouse community bar recreational plot. Climb the heroic tree and feel safe and free for a while.
Pizza Parlour
Pizza Parlour needs no introduction! It is Pizza! Do not inquire where the cheese comes from, just have another slice. Raider proof at level 3!
The Shitter
For when you need a moment in peace. And a stench that might attract ugly flies.
Wall Workshop
For junk wall junkies. The plot is designed to sit at ground level and be a part of a stretch of wall. It has an in-built concrete foundation and provides stairs to scale the wall.
Wolves Workshop
For all the mechanics in the waste land! Work on a hopeless rust monster or tamper with a much needed fuel pump, the Wolves Workshop fulfills all your wrenching and clamping needs.

Welder Industry
Break something down or weld it together, as long as you make a racket while doing it.

Knob Industries
Juice for your appliances! Power your lights, grills and water pumps with this 3rd generation nuclear power plant. Gives 10, 20 and finally 30 power, depending on the level of the plot.
Soap Factory
The yardstick of civilization, this industry makes the finest soap so you don't need to smell like a rad rat.

Martial Gearing up - Increases the defense in your settlement. Conqueror Players: When used in an Outpost, automatically arms your troops with gear to match their rank. Entrances from Both Ends and Centre Front (BECF).
Battlefield Scavenger (RELF)
Loot the dead guys! Conqueror Battlefield Scavenger Bonus: When built in an Outpost, all corpses after a raid or assault will be looted and the contents placed in the workbench. At levels 2 and 3, the scavengers will have a chance to find additional items on the bodies that you wouldn't have found by looting yourself. Entrances from Right End and Left Front (RELF).
Field Hospital
Martial First Aid - Increases the defense in your settlement. Conqueror Players: Increases the chance that your soldiers survive an assault, when built in an Outpost. Entrances from Left End and Right Front (LERF).
Mistress of Mystery Detective Agency
Solver of crimes and puzzles to keep your settlers safe. Entrance from Right End and Right Front (RERF).
The Slam (RERF)

Increases the defense in your settlement. Conqueror Prison Bonus: After a raid occurs at an Outpost or Vassal with this building, some number of captives will be taken. You can reassign these captives as labor. Entrances from Right End and Right Front (RERF).

Deer Hunter
Build this stuffed deer to defend your settlements from superstitious fools. This plot does not provide any actual means to kill bad guys, it is a glorified scarecrow only.
NEW! Moai
Build a bold statue to commemorate Konami and defend your settlements.
P90 "Minnie Driver"
Build this combat droid to defend your settlements from technophobes and space raiders. Has a turret at Lv3, but does not look like Minnie Driver.
Rust Tower
Rusty guard tower without fancy miniguns and turrets, designed to work with junk walls. Tall structure, beware of clipping.
The Wrath of Kinggath
Build this buggy to defend your settlements. It is designed to be placeable on uneven ground. And no, you cannot drive it unless you are Kinggath, stay out of the drivers seat you wasteland bum! This plot does not provide any actual means to kill bad guys, it raises the defense by being ugly only.

NEW! Citadel
Metal and stone defensive plot with a deep cliff to the front designed to work well in sloping terrain. Searchlight from the start, a turret from lv2 and two turrets at lv3 make sure that this plot gets the job done.
Derelict Walker
Large, out of bonds martial plot, best suited without a foundation and with head room. Two turrets at Level 3.
Flaming Gate
Abandon hope and enter the gates of dread! Lights on fire for a fierce spectacle at level 2 and beyond. No turrets or fancy searchlights but has a miniscule chance to spawn the craven black witch of Ravenhome when under attack.
Gundam Nights
Large, metallic martial plot for any insomniac mechanic with a pile of scrap and a blowtorch. The plot doesn't provide any actual means to kill bad guys, but raises the defense by sheer mass alone.
Knob Defense
Protect your loved ones with Knob Industries patented vehicles. Made by Wastelanders, for Wastelanders, in the Wasteland. Has a turret at level 3.
Wall Corner
Wall Corner for junk wall junkies. Designed to sit at ground level and be a corner of a stretch of wall. It provides stairs to scale the wall. Turret at level 3.
Wall Gate
The plot is designed to sit at ground level and be a part of a stretch of wall. It has an in-built concrete foundation and provides stairs to scale the wall.
Wall Tower
Wall Tower for junk wall junkies. The plot is designed to sit at ground level and be a part of a stretch of wall. Provides stairs to scale the wall. Has a turret and a spotlight at level 3.

Three flags for your settlement to choose at the City Desk Planner: TinkerTown, Pirate, Revolvers.

UPDATING from the old Wasteland Venturers to the All-In-One?
If you want to use the All-In-One version to save an esp-slot, just uninstall and delete the old mod (WV1) and install the new All-In-One version. All the plots you have built will stay. If you don't mind adding another esp to your load order, you can keep the two mods (WV1 and WV2) as separate mods.

Multibed homes, multipurpose plots and the Sim Settlement HUD
As of now, extra beds on plots aren’t fully supported by Sim Settlements. Though the beds will count in the workshop bed meter, the Sim Settlement HUD won’t see them as homes, and they won’t count towards number of homes for the commercial requirement. This may or may not matter, depending on your play style and the state of your settlements. The safest route is to go with the single-bed-upgrades for the Townhouses (but then you miss out on the hippie commune living). All these types of plots are now set to Player Select, so that only you can build them and not the settlers.

Level 4 farms and Settler Uniforms
All farms go to level 4 and Settler Uniforms for all work plots. The last feature is disabled by default, turn it on under Immersion/Settler Uniforms in the MCM/holotape. The uniforms only apply to non-Conqueror soldiers and non-unique settlers, to avoid losing any special gear they may have.
If the settler has a uniform both for home and work the last plot assignment wins.

Check out the original Wasteland Venturers here. No DLCs required.

Bethesda, for making it easy to mod their games!
Kinggath, as always, for Sim Settlements and creating the great community around it.
The custom vendors wouldn't have been possible without Captain Coots' tutorial and Eldarth's script - much obliged!
The lovely bed covers come courtesy of Quaz Covered Things
Mistress of Mystery’s Blade of Bastet katana comes from Se7enraven FO4 Modder's Resources
Elianora, for the Armor workbench without the fire barrel
And bits and bobs in the Townhouses come from Ethreon's Castle in the Sky
For the All-In-One, a complete credit include the credits in our old mod, WV1.