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10mm bullets knocking raiders into the air? Deathclaws tossing you around like a tennis ball? Dead bodies floating gently to the ground like rose petals? No more!

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UPDATED FOR ALL DLC! If you are using the "vanilla animations" version, there is no need to update.

Now included in the Fallout 4 S.T.E.P Guide.

To update, simply overwrite the old .esp.  It should be seamless.


Inspired by the Oblivion and Skyrim Mods Realistic Ragdoll Force by bandit462 and dDefinder1 respectively.

This mod decreases the amount of force of both melee and ranged attacks (especially crits) to more realistic levels. 10mm bullets knocking raiders into the air?  Deathclaws tossing you around like a tennis ball?  Dead bodies floating gently to the ground like rose petals?  No more!

The numbers have been tweaked according to my experiments and taste over the last few days but are not finalized.  Unlike those mods, this one doesn't edit the actual ragdolls, since the Realistic Ragdoll convertor tool hasn't been (and probably won't be) updated for the new Fallout 4 nifs.  So until someone with the skill and patience to edit each one by hand comes along, and the tools are finished, this is as close as we will get.  Hence the name change.

I highly recommend using Dead Body Collision byKiCHo666 in concert with this mod to turn your immersion up to 11.

This is still in testing stage so feedback is welcome.

To install, simply use NMM or unzip into your data folder.


Should work with everything that doesn't change physics.  The "Vanilla Physics, No Animation" version should be compatible with things that do like Realistic Ragdoll Force or that mod that makes explosions bigger.

Thanks to VatiWah for the Video...


1. Make a save indoors in an area with no ragdolls/bodies.
2. Uninstall mod.
3. Wait 7 in game days.
4. Exit and continue playing.

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