FNVEdit Training Manual by Miax and JustinOther
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This is the updated FNVEdit Training Manual, a revised edition based on the Fo3Edit training manual. The revised edition covers both Fo3Edit for Fallout 3 and FNVEdit for Fallout: New Vegas.

The tutorial contains:

* A complete overview of the tool and it's interface
* Instructions on how to resolve conflicts between mods.
* A chapter of detailed processes on how to manage mods
(including a new section on how to merge them by JustinOther, with Labs! - see Optional Files)
* What Merged Patches are and how to create and manipulate them.
* How to clean and error-check mods.
* A description of how to use MasterUpdate and MasterRestore
* A three-level FAQ with active links to help on any topic FO3Edit covers
* A new chapter on how to legally migrate Fallout 3 mods to Fallout: New Vegas

Additionally there is a chapter that describes commonly-used processes like split mods, adding/sorting masters, comparing mods, and the mod cleaning process. This manual will hopefully answer most of the questions you may have about FNVEdit, and offers both modders and mod authors alike with detailed information on how to manage mods, resolve conflicts and better organize your own mod lists.

The length of the revised edition is now 162 pages. It runs approximately 18.8 megabytes in size as a PDF file, and comes in two versions (light and dark backgrounds) for viewer convenience.

As described above, we're introducing a set of example Labs that you can use when learning how to merge mods. I have other labs in progress that will be added. Check out the optional files!

NOTE: If you find errors, don't hesitate to PM me! I'll get them fixed for the next release.