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All 20 Weapons, Just one .esp

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The latest version of this mod overhauls the quest so that it will no longer track the creature holding the weapon and instead tracks the weapon itself. In order to achieve this i had to rebuild the entire quest. You will most likely need to do a clean install of the mod if you experience any problems after the update as redoing the quest has changed the IDs of all entries in the .esp

Welcome to my New Vegas Uniques Mega Pack v2! In this pack you fill find all my created unique New Vegas weapons Bundled together. As basis for the weapons i will use Fallout 4 weapons as i do not have very good modelling skills. As a result of using Fallout 4 weapons as a base some of these will look different from their original counterparts but i will aim to keep them as close as possible. Each of these weapons will come with a Creation Club like mini quest to pinpoint you to the location so you do not need to search aimlessly. If the weapon is in the hands of a enemy, it will be an enemy that is easy to distinguish from the rest. Unlike in New Vegas, each weapon is also modifiable. Lastly, i have tried to keep the weapon stats as correct as possible. Hope you enjoy these recreations and don't be afraid to comment if you find something off in them or would like to suggest updates.

in this bundle you will find between 18 to 20 recreated New Vegas uniques, depending on which version you will download. The main idea of this pack is to reduce the count of .esp while still granting you access to all of the uniques. The Weapons are also available separately if you do not wish to install them all. If you want to know more about the weapons check out their individual Under my profile Here:

Included weapons (Varies depending on version)
AER14 Prototype
Pew Pew
Q-35 Matter Modulator
Sprtel-Wood 9700
Holy Frag Grenade
Cleansing Flame
CZ57 Avenger
Golden Glove
Fist of Rawr
Chance's Knife
The Humble Cudgel
Mysterious Magnum
Medicine Stick
YCS 186
Love and Hate
Weathered 10mm Pistol

Download Options (Please Read Carefully)
You have four download options, please read carefully and decide which one to download:
NVUMP v2 - This is the main version, it contains all weapons except YCS/186 and therefore requires Far Harbor.
NVUMP v2  (Vanilla Only) - This version is for those who have only the main game, it contains all other weapons except Medicine Stick and YCS/186
NVUMP v2 (Complete) - This pack contains absolutely everything but also requires Far Harbor and the Creation Club Gauss Rifle Prototype

NVUMP (No Quest) - This optional file contains .esp for all 3 Mega Packs above that have the quests removed. if you want to play without the quests, install your choice of mega pack from above and then overwrite the .esp with a matching one from this pack.


Each weapon has a quest included that pinpoints to the weapon.

This mod will require you to do a clean install when updating to v2, the .esp has changed so much that some entries have been overwritten with new ones changing their ID.

Tools Used
3D Studio Max and Nif Plugs
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Material Editor

iyumichan for the model and textures of the humble cudgel.
Halvaar, Robtest and Nonow for the original Mysterious Magnum.
Nonow the Textures.
Bethesda for the Construction Kit and the Original Weapons these were built on.
Obsidian for the Original weapons these are based on.
and the community for all the tools without this would not be possible.

Version History
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Fixed a small mistake i made in the Green Laser Disintegration Magic effect which caused the whole body of the target to turn invisible if you Disintegrated just an body part instead of the whole NPC.
- Fixed a small mistake where removing the Shotgun barrel or the Pistol grip from the Q-35 Matter Modulator would give you a regular plasma gun mod to your inventory instead of the Matter Modulators.
- Double Checked all the entries and made sure they match the separate weapons and deleted two Duplicate entries left in to the .esp after the merge.
1.2 - Removed unnecessary location data and couple of missed creation club related keywords.
1.3 - Moved the forged slightly further away from the Location he was placed as it was causing a odd rendering issue, don't worry, he didn't go too far.
2.0 - 7 New Weapons and Quests added!
2.1 - Fixed an issue in the Medicine Stick where the Long Ported Barrel Wouldn't Show in 3rd Person.
2.2 - Overhauled Quests to make them target the weapon instead of the carrier so if the carrier dies the quest still continues, Increased the size of the completeon trigger boxes on fetch quests to make it easier to trigger them, new nozzle model for cleansing flame, completely new model for Sprtel-Wood 9700, small model tweaks here and there, Holy Frag Grenade is now craftable and added Love & Hate and Weathered 10mm Pistol.

Version History for No Quest Version
2.2 - Deleted a few quest finisher trigger boxes that were left behind.