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About this mod

This small mod fixes the exaggerated shine of specific objects while it's raining.

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This mod fixes the excessive shine of specific objects like one of the cooking stations and some clothes like the bowler hat. Also it fixed the different brightness levels of some wet aspahlt objects. Furthermore, it fixes metal surfaces like the Prydwen which had no wetness effect at all.

Xbox One version

Click on the mirror tab to get a link to bethesda.net. ChuckSteel has kindly ported version 2.2.


This mod has no impact at all, you won't notice a difference performance wise.

Installation and load order

You can install this mod with any mod manager.
If you're new to this, here's a guide.

The files of this mod are packed into BA2 archives and are loaded with an empty dummy esp. The esp is flagged as esl and don't consume a load order slot.

I suggest to place this mod at the top of your load order, right after the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (if you use it).

Compatibility with other mods

The changed wet effect will affect modded objects like new armors, weapons and settlement objects. The only requirement is that modded objects use the standard wet material files. Most mods does that anyway. If you still find one that needs an adjustment don't be shy and feel free to ask. I'm sure we find a solution.

Texture replacer should work out of the box as long as the texture artist didn't changed the overall brightness of the green color channel in an edited specular map too much compared to the vanilla specular map. Diffuse and Normal maps are always compatible.

Works very well with any ENB, especially with activated screen space reflections!

How it's working

I noticed in nifskope that almost all objects have a default wet shader. There're some for concrete, metal, clothes, skin, dirt, grass, ... That's cool because I only needed to edit a bunch of specific material files instead of changing every object directly.

In these material files is defined:
  • how much glossiness is applied while it's raining (a higher value means the specular map gets more and more visible)
  • how much you see the environment while it's raining (the cube map is more visible if this value is high)
  • how soaked/dark the object looks while it's raining (plastic and skin won't change much while concrete and wood gets more soaked up with water and therefore looks darker)

In some material files are some weird numbers, such as 20 instead of 2. That's why that one cooking station looks like it has a chrome finish.

All in all the wetness shader is a mix of the specular map, the cube map and mainly 4 values in the linked wetness material file.

This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.