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Collection of conversions from Skyrim's KS Hairdos and ApachiiSkyHair.

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*** Depending on character variations not all hairs will fit 100% perfectly - this has the do with the variation of forehead sizes and character face sizes, it would be impossible to accommodate all at the same time. All hairs were fitted to the BaseFemaleHead model, if you come across fitting issues adjust your characters forehead to fit. ***

To download for console, click here for the Bethesda.net page


Make sure you've made the neccesary ini edits; Install with NMM

 In specific lightings some darkish polygons will appear on specific hairs, this is due to backwards geometry which was unfortunately present on every single hair when I imported into 3dsmax :/ I fixed most of them but didn't have time to do them all, it's not very noticeable and will be fixed in future updates. It was either fix them all and make you all wait another month, or this, so be happy ;D
In other words, if you notice it... move to some different lighting and BAM, it's like it never happened.

 Bulkier outfits and larger breasts will clip with certain hairs (duh :p )

imAarwyn - Ported the hairs from Skyrim to Fallout 4 (rigging, nif set up, texture organization)
ANiceOakTree/JTesmer - Added physics to the hairs and fitting tweaks 
* All credit for original meshes and textures goes the the respective authors (Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos, Shocky & any other authors that contributed) of Skyrim's KS Hairdos, Apachii for Skyrim's ApachiiSkyHair and to CD Projekt Red for the Geralt hairs *

3DSMax 2016 | Outfit Studio | Nifskope | FO4EDIT



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