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Changing Vault Boy in Perk tree to Shädman's voluptuous Vault Girl.

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Vault Girl Perk tree beta1.01

This is a work in progress! A lot of things need to be done for full operation.

Features fully animated sprites of Shädman's Vault Meat in a position of Vault Tech's Vault Girl.

You can watch the progress on my DeaviantArt

Please report any issues!

To anyone interested in "wth" is happening and why no updates:
1. I had to get a job. Which leaves very little time for arting (trade off - either full time VG animation or varied content).
2. All blog posts about VG mod on my DeviantArt. Now gone 'cuz of time that has passed.
3. If I'll ever get the chance to work on it again, I'll produce only animation.

Huge apologies to all who are restlessly waiting for this mod to be finished. Nexus isn't a place to discuss this (for various reasons). All blogs containing explanation were deleted due to the time they were up with no effect on people refusing to read them, or this description.

However, I feel you peeps! :( Life is a business and it never goes the way we want it to.

1. Nexus Mod Manager
2. Manual (extract into your game folder)

Will not be released on consoles (not by me)
You must enable loose file reading! Just edit your game files following these instructions:
Fallout 4 Mod Installation
Enabling Mods

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Thanks to:

My Patrons for keeping my supply of off-brand chocolate filled cookies at max
Shädman for blessing my efforts with his hellish glory
lazyradly for all the necessary files, know-how, mad skill in Flash and ALL the fixes! Go check his mod if you're a Pony-Fan!
BigCman123 for sticking with me during this ride. Check his mods too!


All the other folks which I don't know if I can mention on Nexus... you know who you are! ;)