A Little Bit of Green (Realistic Touch of Green Edit) by Original Mods by Stephanie Young and Ciprriano - Realistic Edit by dragonalex155
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Added: 20/11/2015 - 12:15AM
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Hi, before I go on, let me just let you guys know that I am NOT a mod maker. 

Anyway, I recently downloaded these 2 mods:
- Touch of Green
- All Trees have Leaves

Both these mods were nice, but playing with them took away from the immersion. There was way too much green. And so, I made a few adjustments to their mods that tones down the green, gets rid of a few horrible green textures and has less trees so it doesn't look like a jungle. 

I think this does a pretty good job of spicing up the environment while still keeping the wasteland feel. Here's a video if you're curious. 

Thanks AOD Gaming for the showcase.

And another,

Thanks FallOut4Vault for the showcase.

1. Go into your Fallout 4 folder located under "My Games"
2. Open up Fallout4.ini
3. Find the following line.


Now edit it so it looks like this, REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES:


4. Go into your other Fallout 4 folder located under steamapps>common>fallout 4

5. Add the textures file you downloaded to the data folder.

Added Version 2
- Lowered the saturation on a lot of the leaves so they don't stand out so much.
- Changed the colors and saturation of a couple plants that looked out of place.
- Added a little bit of color to hedges, looked weird when they were completely brown.
- Made the trees a little more green and darker, it didn't make sense for the trees to be so colorful and bright. Some may think it doesn't look as nice, but it definitely makes more sense. This is a realistic edit after all.

Added Low Resolution Version
This was requested quite a few times so I made a version which turns down the resolution of all the textures by 50%. The file size is much smaller and there's honestly not a huge visual difference.
Addressing common issues

- If you already have a textures folder in your Data folder, then just put the landscapes folder in there.
- Make sure you edit Fallout4.ini, not FalloutPrefs.ini
- Make sure Fallout4.ini is set to read-only by right-clicking the file and clicking properties, remember to press apply.
- The grass flickering/shimmering is an issue that is hard to completely fix. However, turning on Anti-Aliasing in the graphics settings will help A LOT.