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New modular body armor with new meshes & textures for Dogmeat, designed after modern Military and Police K-9 gear. Craftable side pouches, backpack, ballistic weave, faction patches, and various colors and patterns customized at the standard workbench. Lots of options!

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This mod is fully compatible with the 2024 Fallout Update!

Also available on PC version & XBOX version
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K-9 Harness: Tactical Body Armor (and Backpack) adds a new modular body armor with brand new meshes & textures for Dogmeat, designed after modern-day Military and Police K-9 Unit harnesses. Featuring craftable side pouches, backpack, ballistic weave, faction patches, and various colors and patterns, each component can be added, removed, or customized at the standard Armor Workbench, giving you a huge variety of options.

Side pouches, and a backpack can be added to give Dogmeat extra carrying capacity. For extra protection, Ballstic Weave can also be added.

> To craft the items, use the CHEM STATION and look under UTILITY. <

• 8 colors/ patterns currently available: Olive Drab, Black Tactical, Police Blue, Forest Camo, Desert Camo, Sky Camo, Urban Camo, and Winter Grey.
• Harness and pouches can be colored separately for many color combos!
• 12 patch sets can be added to the side panels, featuring all vanilla factions, plus U.S. Army, K-9 Police, NCR, Reilly’s Rangers, and Vault-Tec
• Base vest has an armor rating of 30, with 15 extra damage resistance, but Ballstic Weave can be added for extra protection
• Side pouches and backpack can be added/stacked to give Dogmeat +40 or +80 carryweight, respectively.
• Compatible with everything, as it’s a simple armor like the vanilla Dog armors, nor does it edit leveled lists or other vanilla records.

Please note, in this 1.0 version, the bags share the same area as the patches, so adding side pouches will make the patches unable to be seen. An upcoming update will add more areas to the vest for patches, for even more customization.


• Download the main file (required)
• Install using your mod manager of choice
• To manually install, drop the BA2 and ESP files in your /data/ folder, and add K9TacticalHarness.esp to your plugins.txt
• You will need the first rank of the Armorer Perk in order to craft the vest!
• Once in-game, the harness is craftable at the CHEM STATION under UTILITY
• If you want to use the console, type help k-9 0 armo exactly like that, then type player.additem xxx where xxx = the numeric ID next to the armor
From there, head to a regular Armor Bench and customize colors, packs, patches, etc!
• NOTE: Ballistic Weave will not be available to craft until you unlock it during the quest lines like normal.

UnknownZombie made a patch for the base game bandanas so they don't clip!  Check it out here.

This is my first full body armor that I modeled and textured completely from scratch. My West Tek tactical Goggles were my first foray into modeling a wearable item for Fallout 4, but being a small metal accessory with simple geometry, it wasn't as complex as this. This was a whole different experience, marks a pretty big step for me, and could serve as a gateway to making human armors and clothing. No promises, but stay tuned.

That said, Dogmeat moves around pretty dramatically, and has a fluffy layer of alpha-channel fur around him, so sometimes you might see some very minor clipping or stretching in some areas while he’s fighting or sprinting, but not enough to really notice IMO. To get a more advanced weight painting workflow I’m going to need to graduate to 3DS Max.

Tools Used:
• Blender 2.75
• Photoshop CS6 + NVidia DDS plugin + Intel Texture Works Plugin
• Outfit Studio
• NifSkope
• Material Editor
• Creation Kit
• FO4Edit / xEdit