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Revamps the water of the commonwealth. Optionally remove radiation, or give extra radiation from swimming and drinking. Comes with optional Clear water, Crystal Clear water, and Tropical shaded (awesome) water!

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Clean Water of the Commonwealth

Notice: Clean Water is no longer being developed or supported!
  I am allowing Clean Water to remain active so long as Bethesda doesn't do anything that directly breaks Clean Water.
  I wanted to move on to other waters that are not "Clean" and have thus created...

Wasteland Water Revival

Clean Water of the Commonwealth aims to revamp the water system in Fallout 4.

Three levels of Radiation!
  • No Radiation, removes all radiation poison from swimming, wading, and drinking water.
  • Standard Radiation, default radiation levels.
  • Extra Radiation, survival not hard core enough? Even more radiation from swimming in and drinking water.

Four different Waters!
  • Clean, standard water.
  • Clear, cleans up the water making it twice as clear as normal.
  • Crystal, super clean water making it unrealistically crystal clear.
  • Tropical, the totally awesome tropical flavor water, making water clear.

Compatible with mods that alter Water Textures.
Not compatible with mods that alter Water Data.

No impact on frame rate. The game engine already draws everything that's underwater and then covers it up with water.

Spotlights by: Koubitz and westname

Reviews by: MxR Mods, Tyrannicon, Ionutro, SkyttsTV