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Complete rebuild of the classic fast-travel player home. 24 locations including Far Harbor.

Permissions and credits
Far Harbor DLC required. This is a complete rebuild of the original Red Wave by Tanner Pearson (aka ThorsHand11). If you are using the original be sure to uninstall that one and make a clean save before installing this one. They are not compatible. 

I loved the original but the ESP was outdated and it was easier to just start from scratch. Everything is completely rebuilt. I read through all the original mod comments and tried to address as many issues and requests as I could. 

Thank you to ThorsHand11 for creating the original mod that this is based on, and for your endorsement on this project. Another huge thanks to payl0ad for rewriting the script to make v1.1 possible.

You'll find her moored at the Far Harbor docks:

  • 24 travel locations (see map image).
  • Fuel requirements *v1.1
  • Map Marker moves with the boat. 
  • 33 unique storage containers.
  • 5 Linked workbenches. 
  • Drinking and bottling water, bed.
  • Terminal (my email is there).
  • Custom wood nameplate.
  • Misc bells & whistles. 
  • 1st Mate (Tanner).

Commonwealth Destinations:
  • Atom Cats Garage
  • Boston Airport
  • Bunker Hill
  • Croup Manor
  • Egret Tours Marina
  • Finch Farm
  • Graygarden *v1.1
  • Hangman's Alley
  • Kingsport Lighthouse
  • Mass. Bay *v1.1
  • Nakano Residence *v1.1
  • Nordhagen Beach
  • Salem
  • Shamrock Taphouse
  • Spectacle Island
  • Taffington Boathouse
  • The Castle
  • Warwick Homestead

Far Harbor Destinations:
  • Cranberry Island *v1.1
  • Dalton Farm
  • Echo Lake
  • Far Harbor
  • Jericho Bay *v1.1
  • MS Azalea

Fueling Information: *v1.1
The fuel supply tank is located on the bow under the stairs. You can also recycle the few fuel-related junk items listed. This will waste the other components you'd usually get from scrapping, so choose wisely. There is an excess fuel storage tank behind you for keeping things organised.

Fuel in the supply tank is burned in the order listed here, not in the order you see in the tank. Any of the following is required for one trip:

  • FlamerFuel (6)
  • Oil (2)
  • Cooking Oil (1)
  • Gas Canister (1)
  • Lantern (1)
  • Mr. Handy Fuel (1)
  • Used Oil Can (1)

Big thanks to TrollenBros, Klone Wolf, JuiceHead and theDeluxeSam for these great videos:

Quirks: You still have to wear your power armor while travelling. If you leave it on deck it'll be left suspended mid-air at your previous location. I put a reminder message on the power armor station. This also applies to any items not in containers. It's just the way the game functions. 

Does this work in Survival mode?

Will my companions travel with me?

Is my loot safe in the containers?
Absolutely. The containers and workbenches reside in a hidden cell that does not reset. 

Why do I have to go to Far Harbor to pick it up?
This is primarily to ensure you've properly discovered the Island first. And to make it a bit of a challenge for new survival playthroughs.
EDIT: Due to popular demand, alternate BA2 versions for Egret Tours and Spectacle Island are now available in the misc files section.

Will you add more destinations?
Yes! Working on it right now.

Can I drive the boat anywhere I want?
No, only the 19 scripted destinations. 

Can you make it require fuel/maintenance?
Yes! As of version 1.1 fuel is required.

Far Harbor DLC required. Compatible with any mod that doesn't place objects in the same locations. Some new navmesh triangles were added to extend the base navmesh onto the boat. No vanilla navmeshes were harmed. Cleaned and maintained with FO4Edit. 


Available on Bethesda.net for PC and XB1. Not available on PS4 due to Sony's asset restrictions.

If you make any videos/screenshots feel free to upload to the Nexus or send me the link and I will. 

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