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Settler Sandbox Expansion

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Settler Sandbox Expansion
NOW WITH "ESL" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ESL version must be flagged to load "after" the mod "Workshop Framework" or it will be over-written by that mod.

I Have gone through many, many packages, Workshops, and Settlements to do this.

What has been done, I have expanded the radius of how far your settler can be assigned to an assignment from the workshop epicenter.
This is something that needed to be done to give the settlers full range and usage of the settlements you build.
This should cover any settlement that is parented by the Fallout 4 Workshop, Including Vault-Tec Vault 88 workshop, Far-Harbor Workshop, The Mechanist Lair Workshop [if you have a mod that enables the workshop to be a full settlement], Wasteland Workshop Creatures [some creatures have a sandbox package that if changed will be a negative effect globally so not all creatures will have a noticeable change], and any mod that creates a settlement that uses the vanilla Workshop for that settlement.

[Warning,  If you have any type of workshop mods that may alter, add, or remove any type of furniture in the workshop menu, it may have a global effect on "relaxation points" and cause "un-assigned" settlers to wander outside of the workshop build zone.]

There are two versions for you to choose from.  One is an ESL [what I recommend to use] and the original ESP. [The esp version is a large version and the original, it can cause lag on older machines. I keep it up just in case my pc crashes and I need to re-download it. The ESL version works exactly the same way and WILL cover ALL settlements including Spectacle Island and Vault 88].

I Highly Recommend that you research, and test any mods you load into your settlement workshop on a separate game save.  Fallout 4 Workshop has specific parameters that if altered can and will corrupt your game save if an un-clean mod is introduced into your game and can affect all aspects of the global environment.

What this does actually is change the radius value of the area the settler can go, both horizontally and vertically.  To put it in english, Your settlers will finally use ALL of Vault 88's buildable areas,  Your settlers will should no longer just bunch up on one un-used end of Spectacle Island,  Settlers should utilize all of Hangman's Alley now that Bethesda fixed the build zone.  These are just some examples of what this mod will do.  

You do not have to have any of the DLC's for this.
You can use this with all or any of the DLC's that have a settlement with a workshop

This mod WILL work excellently with Vault 88.

Now for the Q&A section:

Will this break my game?

Will my settlers serve me tea and biscuits now?

Will Codsworth finally wipe my butt?

Will the settlers in Vault 88 survive a mini nuke to the face with this mod?
NO! NO! NO! And you have Issues!

What does this mod do?
Obviously, not teach you how to read and NO!

Will I be able to un-install this safely?
Yes, but only if you suck at life and don't want a better settlement building experience.

How do I get the settlers to do what I want them to do?
Call Bethesda and offer them a couple Mill to make the game better for you cause you obviously don't understand the settlement mechanics

{female} You're cute, are you single?
NO! well.. depends, are you hot?

(because I basically told you how I did this in the description anyway)

Thank you


A shout out to Cygnosis who worked out a flaw in Vault 88 doorway navmeshing in his mod here the url: [cause i'm stuupid and can't get the "link" to work]:


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