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Improve the morale of your Minutemen troops with this lore-friendly pack of custom settlement objects!

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Availability: PC, Xbox One, PC: Nexus. PS4 to come.  

This is a stand-alone release of the custom Minutemen themed workshop items that I added in the alpha version of my custom Minutemen Grand Castle Capital Mod. I'll be maintaining this mod with the custom objects and branching the Castle Capital mod off as just the castle itself.  This mod includes more than 28 custom objects to build in your settlements: 

  • 5 custom Minutemen posters
  • 5 custom plywood signs
  • 3 custom paintings
  • 3 large custom propaganda banners
  • 2 sizes of patriotic wall bunting
  • 2 custom wall flags
  • 2 flag stands (Minutemen and USA)
  • 3 waving flags (Minutemen, USA, "Come and take it")
  • Copper patriotic eagle and decorative cannon
  • Wooden custom "General's Quarters" hanging sign
  • Small backup generator

More to come in the future!

How to use:
Install with the Nexus Mod Manager or extract to your Fallout 4 Data directory.

Items can be found under:
Flags and banners: Decorations > Wall > Flags
Signs and Posters: Decorations > Wall > Signs
Cannon and Eagle: Decorations > Misc