Fallout 4

About this mod

This mods overhauls all the Synths by giving them 70 new armor sets, 77 helmets, 42 uniforms and 2 Synth weapons. From damaged armor to undamaged looking armor sets. This is done by editing the vanilla armor pieces, uniforms and weapons with new textures in 2K and 4K.

Permissions and credits
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Xbox 1 version available on Bethesda.net.

This mod aims to give every Synth a unique look by using
multiple retextures for every Synth armor piece, weapon and uniform (Courser included).
This mod adds new Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Glow and Cube maps in 2k or 4k.
The difference between this mod and other Synth retextures, is that instead of only using one texture
option, we make use of every retexture that we made. So instead of having only
one armor set there are now 70 different armor sets in different colors, with different
chrome and glow effects. This in combination with different Synths (full skin, some skin, skeleton) and having
light, medium and heavy armor pieces every Synth will look unique.
Institute Synths:
Synths found in the institute will use undamaged versions of the armor and wear uniforms.

Wasteland Synths:
Synths found in the wasteland will use worn or damaged versions of the Synth armor. 

70 Different looking armor pieces. 
- Primary: Black, White
- Secondary: Gray, White, Blue, Purple, Orange, Blue Metal, Green

154 Different looking Helmet.
- Primary: Black, White
- Secondary: Gray, White, Blue, Purple, Orange, Blue Metal, Green

- Glow helmet: Uses Chrome effects and glow effects 
- Normal helmet: Uses Chrome effects only

24 Different looking uniforms:

- Primary: Black, BlackWhite, WhiteBlack
- Secondary Glow: Blue, Orange, Purple, White    

2 Different looking Synth weapons
- Black, White

1 Courser retexture

- Mods editting the Synth armor, uniform or weapon records in a plugin will be incompatible.
- Mods editting the Synth leveled list will be incompatible
- Mods retexturing the Synth armor, weapons, uniforms will be incompatible.

- CBBEor any other mesh replacer will be COMPATIBLE.


MaaroTakai and Echoes56560