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Better Settlement Defence - Makes those hundreds of turrets actually do something when you're not around by taking away the random aspect of settlement attacks.

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"Thy tyranny of fate has ended. Thou shalt never again hold dominion over my deeds with thine evil and accursed cruelty of chance!"
- Sole Survivor to the RNG gods, Page 42 of the Wasteland Bible.

I've uploaded a UFO4P version as a seperate file. You will need the latest version of UFO4P(Imagine that) for it to work. If you don't have the Unofficial Patch though(I don't know why you wouldn't, you really should have it), you can get it here. Or you can just continue to use the other version, if you really don't want to get it.

ALSO: Since the update to V1.7, 150 is no longer the trump card to auto win any attack, from now on you'll need as much defence as your food + water combined. This means that you won't have to build an army of turrets just to ensure that two molerats won't steamroll your simple 5 man village that only produces 10 food and water. It also means that if you have a settlement that produces 600 water and 50 food, then you'll need 650 defence to ensure its safety. It's a system that will allow you to distribute your hard earned (s)crap according to the defensive needs of individual settlements, it will also force you to upgrade your defences as your production increases and will feel more dynamic and immersive than just using the one and only magic god number that defeats all foes.

OH AND BTW: "Defence" is how we spell it in the UK, in case anyone gives a damn :p


Did you know that there's a limit on how well defended your settlement can be? Well I didn't...Basically, from the script, the way it works is, when you don't fly to your settlement's rescue during an attack the game does some calculations to determine the winner.
It gives you a DefenceStrength value(Your Defence Rating + Population of settlement) and gives the enemy an AttackStrength value (Your Food + Water ratings combined). It then takes the AttackStrength value and either adds on or takes away half of it, but that's not really important here though.

After that it adds a random number between 1 and 100 to both AttackStrength and DefenseStrength, to make the AttackRoll and DefenceRoll, and compares the two of them, having the bigger number be the winner.
The thing is though, that both AttackStrength and DefenceStrength are capped at 100. This means that the most you can do for a settlement is have a combined defence of 100(that's including population) before the game adds a random number from 1 to 100 during an attack.
Because of this cap there is no way to be sure that they'll win. However, AttackRoll is capped at 150(smaller than DefenceRoll's highest possible value of 200).

What I've done here is set up the WorkshopAttackScript so that it runs a check to see if your Defence+Population exceeds your Food+Water production, and give you an automatic win if it does, bypassing the random chance. This means that as long as you have more Defence+Pop than Food+Water, you are pretty much guaranteed to win every time. Because honestly, it was annoying that it was left to chance when you were away and they could only slaughter those 3 Raider Scum when you turned up. That sort of BS just makes me wonder what kind of hilarious settler stoogerey must be going on when you're not around that your 700 laser turrets are somehow defeated by a group of junkies and their dog.

So anyway, download this, Better Settlement Defence, if you're tired of your Fort Knox settlement being full of idiots who can't shoot anything without your inspiring(terrifying?) presence. You'll never look back, I promise. "It Just Works!" :p

Also, if you really really really want to know the pure math of the settlement attack wizardry, I have written a nice monolith for you here.

BEFORE I P*** OFF: I would like to ask that if you really do enjoy my mod and feel that it makes your game more playable, to take the time to endorse. It lets authors know that people like what they're doing and helps motivate them to continue. Thank you in advance!