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A texture replacement to not only remove the standard yellow/orange handmade textures, but to drastically improve the look of the metal and wood models. Now with an optional Rust version, called Rusty2.0! Other optional addon files available.

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Better HandMade Weapon Textures


By Mike_trx

**Updated - Added no more Copper Barrels optional**

This is a test for now, as it may affect other items ingame.  If you find an issue with another
item, please let me know.  Without the Creation Kit we are a little limited to certain texture

**Updated 25th November - Main update, now v1.2**

This update to the main version now includes a recolour of the bayonet to better match
the already updated textures.
  I'm not sure how I missed that first time round, but here
it is.


*Updated 24th November - Added the 'Too Much Bling' version*

This update adds a large sized download, namely "Too Much Bling".

PLEASE NOTE:  This version is just for a bit of fun, and completely chromes out all of the metal on all the
handmade weapons, grips, scopes and barrels.  It is VERY bright looking, and the metal has a very
bumpy but smooth appearance too.  Due to the nature of this kind of change, the appearance can carry
over from the metal onto other surfaces on the weapon.  Check the images for a preview.

If there is an interest in a style ,
or any other ideas or changes you would like, let me know
in the comments and I will see what I can do :)

*Updated 23rd November - Added an optional Carbon Fibre Body*

This optional add-on changes the default wooden block texture to a complete carbon fibre one.
-Download the main version first, then add this one after to use. Check images for the change.

*Updated 22nd November - Added an optional Wooden Block version change*

This version adds an alternative wooden block texture for the main body of the handmade weapons.
-Download the main version first, then add this after to use. Check images for the change.

*Updated 20th November - Added a new version...Rusty2.0!*

A new optional file has been added, called 'Rusty2.0'

This version returns the weapons to their former rusted glory, be it with a complete update to the rust look.  For anyone who would like the guns looking better than before, but with the good old rusty looking metal...here it is!  This is an optional file, so download the main first, and then this one if you would like to try the Rusty2.0 version out.


This mod aims to swap out those horrible, over yellow/orange looking textures on the handmade weapons to a far nicer, more realistic looking metal finish.  Far less distracting to the player and a much sleeker and sexier look!  The wooden block has also been adjusted to a more aged looking rosewood finish.  A small change, but makes a huge difference.