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Small animation swap to always use the "fast exit" power armor exit animation (it's A LOT faster).

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[NEW - README!!!]: somberX found a way to fix the "Fast Enter" animations. I highly recommend you use his mod instead of mine (I recommend the "Quick Enter and Exit" options): Power Armor Animation Changes.

Added a "fast enter" version, but it's slightly buggy, so for now it's going to be an "optional" download. See my stickied post for details!


Anyone like the new "Power Armor" mechanic in Fallout 4?

Well, would you like it even more if you didn't have to watch the same extremely long "exit armor" animation over and over again when you exited the armor?

This is a simple animation swap that makes the "fast exit" animation the one that's always used (I think it's only used while in combat by default).



Thanks to khadji for turning extremely large GIFs that were slowing down the page into Youtube videos!

See the stickied post section for the "Fast Enter" preview (it's a bit... "buggy"). 

How To Install:

Put the "meshes" folder in your "Fallout 4/Data" directory.

That's all you have to do now that "official" modding support has FINALLY been released.


How To Uninstall:

Simply delete the files - the game will go back to using the default ones packed inside the "Fallout4 - Animations.ba2" archive.


Q: I don't like this, it's something I hate because I don't like things being better!
A: Then don't download it. Don't let the Power Armor's exit door hit you on the way out! :]

Q: How does this work when you're in first person?
A: Exactly the same, actually. These animations force you into third person view for them to play, and I noticed no issues with this on the "quick exit" version (I play mainly in first person view)

Q: What power armor is that!?
A: It's a full set of T-60f armor that I customized myself.

Q: Is that a power armor retexture?
A: Yes, yes it is. You can find it here: Clean T-60 Retexture

Q: Can I move immediately, or do I have to wait for the rest of the armor's animation to play after I exit it?
A: You are free to move immediately. I believe this is because power armor in this sense is being treated as a "furniture" object, and so it's basically like if you got up from a chair, you could still move even if the chair wanted to play it's own animation after you exited it.

Q: How did you get these files unpacked?
A: I used B.A.E.

Q: What tool did you use to make these GIF's?
A: I used (and highly recommend) GifCam.

Q: Why does you game lighting and coloring look weird?
A: I am using Fallout 3 Esque, with some slight modifications I made to the coloring.

Q: Can you fix the "enter" animation? It looks very weird.
A: No, I really can't (sorry). Read my stickied post about it - I explained my speculation as to why it's happening, but I really cannot fix it without knowing more about how these paired animations work (and most likely being able to directly edit them). UPDATE: This has been fixed by this mod here!


Community-made mod review videos.

This one was done by Gopher:

He reviews the mod at about 6:50.


This one was done by theDeModcracy:

He reviews the mod at about 2:34.


This one was done by pinjataxx:

He reviews my mod at around 4:38 in the video.
*Please note that he is actually not using the "fast enter" animation - I put it in the optional downloads section because it's a bit buggy (see my stickied post on that), and he must have missed it! :]