Fallout 4

About this mod

Adds a high quality McMillan CS5 Sniper Rifle to the game!

Permissions and credits
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  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French

Adds a brand new, custom McMillan CS5 to the Commonwealth!

The gun currently has the following attachments:

1 Barrel : Long Barrel | Tubb Barrel
3 Muzzles : Compensator | Flash Hider | Suppressor
4 Stocks : No Stock | Stock Off Left | Stock Off Right | Stock On
4 Magazines : Standard | Standard Quick | Large | Large Quick
4 Receivers : Standard | Hardened | Powerful | Advanced
10 Damage Modifiers : .25x | .5x | .75x | 1x | 2x | 3x | 4x | 5x
10 Sights : Iron | Glow | Reflex | Elcan | NV | NV/Normal Hybrid | Medium | Long | Hunter | Ballistic
2 Extra attachments : Laser sight | Flashlight
21 Textures : Standard | Tan | Worn Out | 7x Faction | 6x Camo | 10x Colour | 6x Coloured Metal

As usual, remember to backup your saves before installing this mod. I take no responsibility for any broken saves.

If you find any bugs, please include as much detail as you possibly can in your bug report. Any bug reports in the comments will be ignored, there isn't a bug report tab for no reason! Any bug reports such as "dunt twerk" will be ignored.

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The gun can be found on many enemies. These include: The Brotherhood, The Gunners, Synths, Raider Bosses, The Minutemen and some vendors. 

If you want to spawn it in using the console, the weapon ID is XX000FA8(XX is your load order ID).
Spawning the weapon in like this may cause the weapon to be invisible or glitched. Simply hop over to the workbench and attach the missing stuff!

To get the extra skins, you have to download the skin packs. If you download the Factions pack, the different factions will use their respective weapon skin!

The weapon should be compatible with all other weapon mods as it is added to the levelled lists through a custom script.

The weapon is compatible with See Through Combat Scopes. Download the patch from the files section!

jdaking has made a VIS-G patch! Get it here!

zachtan1234 has added the CS5 to his Visible Weapons mod! Get it here! 

LtNagae has made a See-through Scopes patch! Get it here!

CS5 Base Model and Scope - The Edge
Elcan Spectre Sight Model - Tigg
Reflex Sight Model - Tigg
Flash Hider Model - sHiBaN
Compensator Model - Win-Zip
Iron Sights Model - Tenoyl
Flashlight Model - RedRogueXIII
Laser Sight Model - tenoyl
Animations - Wardaddy/Steampunk755
Reload Tweak - Haru/blackxteel
Firing Sounds - New World Interactive
Other Sounds - NavaroBL
Screenshots - Nightcall, VenomStinger and ACAB1312
Everything Else - Me

Also a special thanks to the people who helped bug test the mod!

Do not redistribute this mod or any files contained within this mod without my permission.

Creation Kit - Bethesda
FO4Edit - xEdit team
Material Editor - ousnius
Substance Painter 2017 - Allegorithmic
3DS Max 2014 - Autodesk
Photoshop CC - Adobe
Marmoset Toolbag 3 - Marmoset team

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