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Why doesn't the T-51 have a rusty texture? Why does only the T60 have brotherhood paintjobs? Why don't the T-45 and X-01 have raw metal textures by default? If you're asking these sorts of questions then oh boy, have I got the mod for you...

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HEY YOU, TRY THIS MOD TOO: Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul

Do you wish that you could apply every paintjob to every power armor set?
Do you want to rep the Brotherhood of Steel in a set of T-51 like they rock it on the West Coast?
Do you wish that the Army Paintjob had a star on it?
Does it bug you that the T-45 and X-01 don't get a shiny default metal texture like the T-51 and T-60 do?
Do you dream of a world where ALL POWER ARMOR IS EQUAL (at least in terms of paintjobs)?


The Consistent Power Armor Overhaul is a comprehensive mod that brings paintjob equity to FO4. It includes a lot of changes which are enumerated in convenient list format below:
  • The Atom Cats paintjob is applicable to all power armors*
  • The BOS paintjobs are applicable to all power armors*
  • The default paint jobs for all the power armors now work the same way:
  • The T-45 and X-01 power armors now have a raw metal texture by default rather than the usual plasticky blue
  • The T-51 raw metal texture no longer has green paint on the pauldrons and chest
  • The T51a now has a rusty texture like the other power armors you find in the field
  • There is now a new "Factory Paint" paintjob that lets you apply the usual blue plasticky finish to all power armors*
  • The Winterized Coating paintjob is now applicable to the X-01
  • The Military Paint and Vault-tec paintjobs now have decals for all power armors*
  • NEW IN v.11: the T-51 Power armor has a "Standard Issue Paint" mod that returns it to it's vanilla appearance.

* when I say all power armors, I mean the T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01, but not the raider set

My goal with this mod was to expand the availability of paint jobs in the game to all of the armors, while making the way these options are handled consistent across all power armor sets. I didn't make the railroad, institute, and minutemen paintjobs universal because there are already pretty good mods for that and I have already been working on this for a long damn time.

The power armor frame texture used in the screenshots is Dogtooth CG's Dilapidated Texture

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