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Designed to simplify general logistical concerns, this mod adds an Industrial plot that automates the creation of supply lines, improves inter-settlement resource sharing and more.

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Requires Version 2.1.7 or Greater (3.2.0+ recommended) of Sim Settlements

Settlement networking sucks. Supply lines are annoying to set up, and even more annoying to redefine as you unlock more settlements. The standard system that shares food and water between settlements is just as happy to feed your settlers corn as it is your cache of Mirelurk Queen steaks. Collecting the surplus food, water and tax money that your settlements produce is tedious. I could go on.

To alleviate this, I created this mod. With Sim Settlements, your settlers are happy to build their own towns - why shouldn't they manage their own logistical needs as well?

--- Usage ---
This mod works a little differently from most Sim Settlements addons. This mod only adds one building plan - the Logistics Station - under the standard Industrial plot type (interior and exterior versions are included).

To establish a logistics network, you are intended to designate exactly one Logistics Station in each of your settlements (only one station per settlement will be active at a time). To prevent your settlers from foolishly building useless duplicate stations, you must designate your Logistics Station plots manually. This is done by placing a standard industrial 2x2 or interior plot, then activating the ASAM sensor -> Choose Building Plan -> [ILS] Logististics Station. Note that this may take up to a few minutes to show up in the list if you've recently loaded a save.

Beyond defining them, you aren't strictly required to interact with Logistics Stations any more than that if you don't want to, however there are a number of additional features included should you choose to take advantage of them.

--- Supply Lines ---
When a settler builds, or is assigned to, a Logistics Station, they will automatically be assigned a caravan route to the nearest settlement that also has a Logistics Station. As your network grows and you add additional stations to new settlements, your supply lines will maintain efficient routes without any need for manual interaction.

Technically speaking, your supply lines will arrange themselves to produce a minimum spanning tree, however this will probably differ slightly if you have any normal, non-ILS provisioners assigned in some settlements. This process is entirely dynamic and will work with up to 128 unique Logistics Stations before scripting limitations become apparent.

As of version 1.2.0, you can also tweak how your supply lines calculate by giving weights to specific supply routes. Under [Routing Settings], select [Add New Priority...], then follow the wizard to pick two locations and set them as either "Prioritized" or "Deprioritized". Prioritized routes will almost always be chosen, regardless of distance, and deprioritized routes will probably never be chosen. For any priorities not manually specified, the supply line algorithm will take care of the rest.

--- Resources ---
Want your farms to be farms, and cities to be cities? Now they can be! Settlements in your logistics network will automatically have their surplus resources redistributed in a more efficient manner than with standard supply lines. All you have to worry about is that your total network food and water production (quickly viewable at any logistics terminal) is sufficient to support the population in your entire network, and regardless of where your resources are being produced, your settlers will be happy - and, they won't be tempted to dip into your rare food reserves.

As with standard supply lines, you still need slightly more production at producing settlements to feed settlers at consuming settlements - raiders, spoilage and other shipping losses and all - but this penalty will start to go away as your Logistics Stations increase in level.

Redistribution statistics automatically update themselves once a day, in sync with the standard workshop daily update cycle, or may be manually updated under the [Utility] section of any logistics terminal.

On the back end, redistribution is handled by subtracting production points directly from settlements with surplus, and adding them directly to settlements with a deficit. As such, this will fulfill Sim Settlements dynamic needs requirements as well as basic food/water requirements as long as your network as a whole can keep up with the demand. As a bonus, it's slightly easier on the game's scripting engine than standard supply lines when the daily update cycle rolls around, too.

This feature may be disabled if desired, either entirely or by configuring individual settlements to be excluded from this process by accessing your local logistics terminal.

--- Logistics Storage ---
For your own convenience, all stations include a Logistics Locker. To set this up, simply interact with a Logistics Locker at any station to obtain a Logistics Storage Designator. Next, place this device in any safe container - ideally a workbench, or some container you manually placed in a settlement somewhere - and you're done. You can now access this container from any Logistics Locker at any station. Avoid those long fast travels - or worse, walks if you're playing survival - back to your preferred settlement just to unload your loot.

Logistics Lockers also includes a utility that functions the same as the "Store All Junk" button in a standard workbench (annoyingly the button in the workbench UI is hard-coded by the game engine/interface swf), so to access this simply open the options menu on the locker and select "Store All Junk".

--- Auto Collection ---
Once you've set up Logistics Storage as described above, you can then use ILS's surplus auto-collection feature. This feature is toggled off in the terminal by default; to enable it, simply access a logistics terminal and select [Collection Settings] -> [Global Collection Settings...] -> [Toggle: Collection Disabled]. Once enabled, commonly produced settlement output will begin to be collected from the workbenches in your logistics network and deposited into your Logistics Storage container. This collection will automatically happen once per game-day, synchronized with the standard workshop daily update cycle.

You may also configure which categories of items you'd like to be collected, either globally or on a per-settlement basis. Currently, supported categories include water, food, scrap, caps, ammo and loose mods.

--- Auto Donation ---
As of version 1.2.0, an auto-donation function is included. This will take resources from your Logistics Storage container, and donate them to each settlement in your network.

To set this up, you must first designate a Logistics Storage container, which is where donable items will be pulled from. Then, under [Donation Settings], choose a default setting for all stations, or you can configure this on a per-settlement basis if you desire (local settings will override the global setting).

For food, your options are "Disabled", "Farmable", and "Any":
  •   Disabled, as you might imagine, will prevent any food from being donated.
  •   Farmable uses a smart system that will only donate farmable foods, and will weight which foods get donated depending on how many of them you have. For example, if you have 800 corn, 180 tatoes and 20 tarbarries, for each unit of food to be donated, it has an 80% chance to pick a piece of corn, 18% for tatoes and 2% for tarberries.
  •   You also have the option of choosing between the "conservative" and "exhaustive" lists of what are considered to be farmable foods, where the conservative list will only use totally vanilla farmables, and the exhaustive list will use anything that's remotely crop-like, including things like Brain Fungus, Hubflower, Silt Beans and so on. This setting is configurable under [Miscellaneous Settings].
  •   Lastly, you can set this to use any food, which is a substantially less smart system that will just pick out anything that can be consumed, unweighted and in a random order.
For Water, you have the options of:
  •   Disabled, of course
  •   Purified Water
  •   Dirty Water
  •   Any Water (as with food, it'll pick out anything vaguely water-like, unweighted and in a random order)
Currently only food and water is supported, however I plan to include caps for maintenance costs in a future version.

--- Utilities ---
The amount of space I have for documenting these is limited in-game, so more in-depth documentation is here.
[Summon Assigned Provisioner] This command retrieves the provisioner assigned to the current station. Useful to avoid having to track them down if you need to reassign them or whatever.
[Recalculate Supply Lines] Not normally required to be used, this command forces a recalculation of all supply lines controlled by ILS.
[Recalculate Resource Redistribution] In case you've made changes to a settlement and don't want to wait for the next daily update cycle to see how your network stats might have changed, you can manually run this utility to recalculate them.
[Unassign Provisioners...]
   [Uncaravan ILS Provisioners] This utility temporarily removes all ILS-controlled provisioners from their supply lines. You can run this utility and look at your map to see which settlements still have supply lines that aren't controlled by ILS, or to see if any of your supply lines have become "stuck" as a result of some bug or another. Running [Recalculate Supply Lines] after running this action will return everything to normal.
   [Unassign Local Provisioners] This utility completely clears all supply lines attached to or from this settlement, including ones that have become "stuck" as a result of that vanilla bug that causes provisioners to reset and their supply lines to become permanently stuck in place. Any work objects that these provisioners are also assigned to - e.g. Logistics Stations - will also be unassigned.
   [Unassign All Provisioners] This utility does the same thing as above, except it will do this for -all- workshops, immediately clearing all supply lines you have set up.
A useful procedure to know in case any of your supply lines do become stuck, you can run [Unassign All Provisioners], and then [Recalculate Supply Lines]. This will manually clear out all bugged or non-ILS supply lines, then restore all ILS supply lines, without unassigning any of your station workers.

--- Tools ---
This mod also includes a few handy tools that you can craft at a City Planner's Desk:
  • Settlement Creation Kit - this is just a pre-defined bundle of components, which includes just enough resources to make a City Planner's Desk, a medium generator, a recruitment beacon, and enough foundations to stick a Logistics Station plot onto. Created because I could never remember which or how many resources to take to set these things up. Note that these have a slight cooldown after crafting (like 10 seconds) to discourage exploting them for free exp.
  • Summon Provisioners: An aid item that works like the Town Meeting Gavel, yet only summons active provisioners at your current settlement.
  • Summon Homeless
  • Summon Jobless

--- Future Plans ---
Current plans are to leave the mod limited to only the one plot type, at least until (if) I get around to the guard martial plot thing mentioned below.

Ideas that I like, but haven't gotten around to yet include (in descending order of how likely I am to actually put work into them):
  • Some way to access individual workbench containers in your supply line network remotely--I've already put some work into this, but it's a more difficult problem to solve than I anticipated
  • Fix the provisioner summoning tool when using UFO4P-compatibility mode (at least I assume it doesn't work, haven't actually checked)
  • Better handling for settlements that don't support supply lines (e.g. Home Plate, and Conquest pseudo-settlements), so that materials in Logistics Storage can be accessed directly from crafting menus
  • Plot transposer tool (i.e. select two similar SS plots in the same settlement, e.g. an interior agricultural and interior industrial plot, and swap the location of the two plots simultaneously without having to rebuild them from scratch)
  • Some kind of auto-loadout thing (intended for survival) that would automatically store and then remove pre-configured quantities of chems and/or ammunition from your inventory, likely using the locker interface
  • Teleporters that link between ILS-networked settlements, likely accessed via a trapdoor in level 3 LS plots
  • A caravan guard martial plot, which would provide defense, and create guards to escort provisioners Assigning additional guards to travel with provisioners as Logistics Station plot level increases
  • Additional weapons and/or armor being issued to provisioners provided there are weapon shops or factories in your network