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You're a scary mother fucker

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I am no longer supporting this mod

This is my overhaul of the intimidation perk. You can now enter dialogue with the npc that is shitting their pants because of you.

You can now get caps from people you intimidate as well as let them flee or do the other things you can in vanilla.

Dialogue Options:

Give me your caps: gives you some capsGet out of my sight: makes the npc flee the scene. They don't care if
you holster your weapon if they are running.

Stay out and shut up: If the npc is in command mode or frenzy mode they
will leave it and stand there.

More: access the other dialogue options

Do what I say and no one gets hurt: Requires the third level of the perk
and makes the npc commandable.

Bind: If you have handcuffs you can bind the npc causing them to kneel
on the floor. Side note sometimes it takes a while before the npc kneels
but they act as if they are even if they Don't appear to be.

Return: brings you back to previous options

Kill: Requires the second level of the perk and makes the npc frenzy.

Other changes are that bound and fleeing npcs don't care about you lowering your weapon, and bound npcs also don't aggro if you leave the area.

Known Issue: Sometimes when an npc is bound they will not kneel. Exiting the area seems to help but they will act as if they are bound anyways.

This mod was inspired by Intimidation Reborn by Champion Hunter

Read TexashokiesMods_License.txt in the readmes folder in data