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More scavenging stations, but nicer...

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All those settlers walking around doing what? Welding at that scavenging station? No more of that boring stuff!
Have them do something useful instead. Like doing dishes, do inventory, cleaning, filing, disassemble robots...

But, all the scavenging u may ask? Yes, they do that too! Here are some fun/useful/pointless chores/scavenging stations for ur settlements.

This mod is intended to put the settlers to work, not relax or stand around. There are other mods for that (see below).

Update 2.0 - Added some more stations and made a menu. Found under resources. Requires Settlement Menu Manager to be installed!

Update 1.8 - Added more stations. Power Armor frame, some more counters, autopsy/medical things, wall panels, sentry bot, fireplaces and some more!

Update 1.6 - Added some car washing by request. Also some gardening and a painted shack wall. Fixed the falling robot. More to come!

amaeli made a nice patch for those of u using SKE (untested for 2.0). Thanks amaeli!

If u got more ideas of stations I could add please tell me and I'll add them!


All things are vanilla but have modified some to be more interesting.

Also check out my Snappy HouseKit for more houses to build!

If u want the settlers to stay put at the station try Stationary Scavengers
For non-work related animations check out Busy Settlers
For other type of workbenches for settlers look at NorthlandDiggers