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Adds an Alien Rifle to the game. Fully moddable. You can transfrom this weapon in an SMG, AR, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun or a powerfull Beam Rifle.

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Alien Assault Rifle

In Short
This mods adds a fully moddable Alien Assault Rifle to the game.
The design is mostly based on the Alien Blaster.
You are able to convert it to a shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, SMG or even a powerful beam rifle.
The mods provide See-Through-Scopes Framework support, as well as an AWKCR version.

For custom animations, see the following mod:
Alien Assault Rifle Animations by Steampunk755, Wardaddy and DrLazlo

The weapon is obtainable from the Alien, just as the Alien Blaster.
Further more, the Alien Assault Rifle may also spawn as a Legendary weapon.

Show-case Videos

In depth reviews (more complete than the quick showcase videos)


The weapon, when using Alien Power Cells, is about 40% more powerful than a Laser Rifle.
A conversion to Fusion Cells reduces the damage, making the weapon about 10% more powerful than a Laser Rifle.
The weapon relies on either the Commando or the Rifleman perk, depending on whether you use it in full or semi-auto.

The weapon has the following mods:
   > 5 Receivers - Regulate the balance between ammo capacity and damage
   > 9 Barrels - Convert the weapon to a shotgun, assault rifle, SMG, sniper rifle or even a beam rifle
   > 4 Stocks - Well, what would a stock do on a gun?
   > 4 Magazine Types - Choose from standerd Alien Blaster rounds, Fusion Cells, Fusion Cores or even Weaponized Nuka Cola Quantum.
   > 15 Sights - Ranging from Iron-Sights all the way to Long Recon Scopes. Of course, Combat Scopes and Combat Recon Scopes are available
   > 3 Muzzles - Strap an Alien Bayonet or a compensator on that gun.

NOTE: You need to craft the Weaponized Nuka Cola Quantum yourself. This can be done at either a Cooking Station or a Chemistry Station.
At those crafting stations you can convert one Nuka Cola Quantum to one Weaponized Nuka Cola Quantum.
The Weaponized Nuka Cola Quantum works kinda like a Fusion Core, meaning it has a charge that depletes.

The gun also features some pretty sweet custom 'animations'.
For instance, the beam barrel spins when idle and any glow effect will dim completely when you pull the magazine out of the gun (while reloading).

The weapon is compatible with the See-Through-Scopes Framework.
This means that if you install the framework (or have it installed already), you are able to customize the reticles of the Reflex and Combat Sights.
The framework is NOT mandatory. The sights will work just fine when you do not have the framework installed.

AWKCR version
This mod also comes with an AWKCR version of this mod. The AWKCR and normal version of this mod are interchangeable since version 1.1.
If you are updating from 1.0.3 or lower, and you are using the AWKCR version, then all the acquired Alien Assault Rifles, will disappear from your save.
The reason for this is that the previous AWKCR patches were 'proper' AWKCR patches, meaning it had to be a 'standalone' patch.
Since the 1.5 update for Fallout 4, the keyword cap bug has been fixed. The AWKCR patches were meant to remove the mod association keyword
to prevent this bug from happening. This required the AWKCR patch to be standalone, since it needed to remove a keyword.
This is no longer necessary. Thus, to make the mod more dynamic, the new AWKCR version of this mod is now interchangeable with the normal version.
The downside of this is when you update and were using the AWKCR version, you'll lose all your previously acquired Alien AR's.
Use the console command specified below to reacquire all your lost Alien Weapons.

How to acquire?
The Alien Assault Rifle should spawn on every Alien in the game. Usually, there is only one, namely the one near the UFO Crash Site.
Kill the Alien to acquire the Alien Assault Rifle. If you already killed the Alien, then the weapon will NOT spawn on his corpse.
You can always spawn a new Alien using the console, or spawn the weapon itself. To spawn the weapon, type the following in the console:
     help "Alien Assault Rifle" 4 WEAP
The console will spit out a FormID which looks like this : XX000800
Next, type: player.additem XX000800 1
Where the XX is replaced with the two digits you just found using the help command.

Another possible way to acquire the gun is to go Legendary Hunting. The Alien Assault Rifle has a chance to spawn on any Legendary enemy.

This mod affects the following (vanilla) leveled lists:

The best way to install this mod is to download it via the Nexus Mod Manager and use the FOMOD installer.
The installer only has one option: default mod or the AWKCR version. Only select the AWKCR version if you have the AWKCR mod installed.
Also, the default and AWKCR version are not interchangeable. This means that if you switch from default to AWKCR or vice versa, your previously
owned Alien Assault Rifles will disappear.

Installation : Manual
If you rather install the mod manually, you'll need to copy the following files and folder to your Fallout 4 data folder:
   > the contents of the folder '00 - Core' needs to be copied to your data folder
   > Either copy the ESP from '01 - ESP' OR '02 - AWKCR' to your Fallout 4 data folder.
That's it! Your manual installation is done.
To uninstall the mod, remove the copied ESP and the following folders:
   > Materials\Weapons\AlienAssaultRifle
   > Meshes\Weapons\AlienAssaultRifle
   > Sound\FX\WPN\AlienAssaultRifle
   > Textures\Weapons\AlienAssaultRifle

First of all, credit goes to Elgoes for helping me conceptualize and create this mod. Make sure to check out his Pipe Shotgun.
Second, to the creators of the unofficial mod tools (FO4Edit, Nifskope, Material Editor, etc)
Third, to Bethesda for creating Fallout 4.
Fourth, to UlithiumDragon for showing me how awesome a retexture can be, and thus motivating me to add that functionality.

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