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Easily flatten the ground for settlements using floors and foundations in 50+ vanilla landscape textures. Build camouflaged or natural shacks as Caves (stone textures on concrete parts) or Arbors (leaf-roof on wood parts). Build fortifications and embankments or just decorate using rocks, boulders, mounds of grass, mud, dirt, etc.

Permissions and credits

Natural Options for Settlement Building and Terraforming

This mod provides several options to help with the design and building of settlements, lets players build homes with a natural theme, and also offers great options for camouflage and hidden defenses. Because this uses 100% vanilla textures, if you use a mod that replaces the landscape textures (such as Seasons or a high resolution texture pack), this mod will use your new textures to ensure that your placed landscapes remain identical to the ones you see in-game.

Buildable items are divided into four primary categories:
  • Landscape - Foundations, Full Floors, and Balcony/Quarter Floors in nearly 50+ vanilla landscape textures, including Blasted Forest, Commonwealth, Coastal, Glowing Sea, Northern Foothills, Marsh, Riverbeds, and Pre-War. Also includes some roads and sidewalk textures.
  • Caves - Concrete building parts in a variety of stone and cliff textures.
  • Arbor - Full range of wooden shack parts with leaf roof tops for building tree houses and camouflaged buildings.
  • Decor - Make your new flat terrain look more realistic by placing stones and boulders in many shapes and sizes, plus mounds of dirt, mud, ash, grass, etc. Includes a wide selection of vanilla items in similar categories as the landscape. Items can also be used to create natural embankments for defenses, or to further camouflage your structures. (Also, please note that all the stones, boulders, and mounds are buildable in water as well as on land.)

Where are the items located?

Items can be found in the workshop menu under Buildings > Concrete > Grounded.
At this time, there is no script-injected version of this mod, but it can be added if there is enough interest.
I have released a version of the mod specifically for users of Workshop Rearranged and it is available in the optional files section. If you use a different mod that changes the vanilla concrete categories , it may conflict with this mod. 

Requirements: This mod does require the Wasteland Workshop DLC because it makes use of the concrete items and the associated workshop menu.

Note on placement of some items in the decor section: Because the initial version of the mod is being released for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4, it has no external assets and I could not modify the meshes to make placement easier. I am already working on an expanded version which will be released for PC and Xbox only. This version will fix most of the placement issues (like allowing the sidewalk parts to properly sink into the ground and snap together) as well as adding a number of additional items to the mod.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Cordless VII, who makes amazing YouTube videos on settlement builds. Some of the feedback from players on the video he made about my CatDeco mod was the main reason that I created this mod.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed my mod and got me into the Hot Mods! You guys are awesome!