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No more spawn attackers inside settlement during settlement attacks. After fast travel or not.

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Is that a moving shadow? Did i hear a snapping branch? No, it is just another annoying game mechanic...

Try a more complex version More Attackers - Get Off My Buildzone

No more ninja's! Despite the fact you've build a great wall or have 1.000+ turrets guarding your turf:
- Trespassers tend to intrude your settlement space. Fixed
- Attackers can spawn inside a well defended perimeter like true shadow-ninja masters. Fixed
- It makes no sense to have hostiles spawn on top of you when you fasttravel into your personal Fort Knox. Fixed
- You need your settlements to be a true safe harbor? You want the attack spawn mechanics work the way they should? Install AGOMBz!

Attackers, Get Off My Buildzone, it's all in the name.
Big walls deserve respect. Enjoy, make settlements great again and please endorse AGOMBz.

!!! Required to be uninstalled:
??? What is the difference between Settlement Attacks Beyond and Attackers - Get Off My Buildzone?
  • Mod moves attack markers beyond the boundaries of settlements?
  • SAB: Yes  AGOMBz: Yes
  • Mod solves the problem with spawning enemies inside a settlement after fast travel?
  • SAB: No   AGOMBz: Yes
  • Mod unlinks attack markers from fast travel mat?
  • SAB: No   AGOMBz: Yes

!!! Fasttravel-mat refresh, Scrap/store and place the mat again in these settlements:
  • Egret Tours Marina
  • Hangmans Alley
  • Outpost Zimonja
  • Taffington Boathouse

Known issues:
Not fixed Spectacle Island, Vault 88. :(
Note about Spectacle Island. I have not decided if this still an issue or needs improvement. Attack markers moved into the water. Sometimes enemies can get stuck underwater and drown. (Blub)

About game mechanics:

NPCs can warp over obstacles, especially if the player is further away. But attacks begin OUTSIDE the boundaries of your settlement.
Synths can teleport. No teleporting when the player has never been to The Institute, OR The Institute is destroyed.

This mod edits several vanilla scripts. Most noticable: Data\Scripts\WorkshopAttackScript.pex
This mod edits WorkshopXAttack quests.

Extended settlements mods:

Other mods:

Recommended Load order: Оbsolete. Added rules to LOOT masterlist.

Checked Mod's compatibility list: (found with search request "Settlement Attack")
Settlement Attacks Beyond - checked v.1.1 - Incompatible + Uninstall required!
Settlement Attacks Beyond - Nuka World - checked v.1.0 - Incompatible + Uninstall required!
Attack My Settlements - checked v.1.0 - Сompatible
More Settlement Attacks - checked v.1.0 - Сompatible
Settlement Attack DLC Fix - checked v.1.04 - Сompatible
Shaikujin's Better warning for settlements being attacked - checked v.5.1 - Сompatible
Worldspace Settlement Attack blocker - checked v.0.1beta - Сompatible
No offscreen settlement attacks - checked v.1.0 - Incompatible
NSA No Settlement Attacks - checked v.3.7 - Incompatible

Thanks to GroteGrottrol for testing, mod name, and touching up the description page.

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