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The most popular armour collection for Fallout 4 has had a 2024 upgrade! 80+ new lore-friendly armours, 30+ accessories, tons of moddable colours. Institute, Settler, Wastelander, Minutemen, BoS, Raider, Vault suit. Unisex outfits. Vanilla and CBBE body, with BodySlide compatibility.

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:: BASICS :: 

This mod adds over 80 unisex armours, over 30 accessories and infinite amounts of armour colour mods to the game.
These items are (mostly) made by mashing up and recolouring vanilla items, so most of them are very lore-friendly and blend into the world well.

Please look at the image gallery carefully to see all the items in the mod!


Since 2024 update, I've added lots of armours using the DLCs of the game. 
IMO, Fallout 4 is best enjoyed as a GOTY.

You need
Far Harbor


I don't recommend using this with my old Armour Collection Remade and I don't offer support for old versions of this mod.
While they would work, you'd get a lot of duplicates. 1.5 was loose files, this one is ba2 packed. Don't use old loose files with the new one.

A location in Tales from the Commonwealth is nearby. Both work fine though, it's not a conflict that causes problems,
they're just both using the same block.


- There are a lot of settler and wastelander type outfits, lots vault suit mashups, raider armours, and a bunch of Institute clothes and now some BoS and Minutemen outfits. There are scarves, mufflers, gloves, eyeglasses, bags, backpacks etc. You can change the appearance of some of these items at the regular armour workbench.

- You can wear armour pieces over these outfits, so I recommend Concealed Armours or similar, so you can hide any pieces that clip. These outfits are not meant to work visually well with vanilla armour pieces and so they usually have pretty high armour rating.

- The main supplier in this mod is Ellie, a custom-voiced NPC. She is a vendor for the armours and provides you with designs to make your own.

- You craft new armours at the "Armour Crafting Workbench", new crafting furniture added by the mod. You need to buy schematics from Ellie to get craft the workbench in settlement. There is also a workbench at Ellie's shop.

As of 2.0.0+ version of the mod, you no longer get perks. Instead buying the magazines from Ellie just unlocks the recipes for you instead of giving perks.

- To get all the crafting recipes to show up, you also need to buy designs for them from Ellie and find the Institute blueprints. There are 6 types: Vault suit, Raider, Companions, Factions, Wastelander and Accessories. Some of them require basic components like leather and cloth, some are using "immersive recipes" (for example, crafting Gunslinger hat requires a Minutemen hat and pilot goggles from Ellie).

- Ellie's shop is just outside Diamond City, next to the parking lot with the mongrel dogs near Mass Pike East with the raiders. She sells almost all the clothing that this mod adds, apart from Institute outfits and faction gear, those are found and purchased from the Institute merchant. If you do not have access to the Institute, you can find a dead synth who has the blueprints inside Mass State House (Boston Commons). There is a mapmarker you need to discover in order to fast travel to the shop as well.

- A lot of the items in the mod can be modded (change their colour or graphic).
The items you can mod to different colour are:

Muffler, Scarf, Eyeglasses, most t-shirt based outfits, Armoured and Unarmoured Jumpsuit and the Institute Casual Outfit.

- All clothing can be modded with lining and ballistic weave

- Textures are mostly 2-4K, based on vanilla stuff and the UHD DLC. Most of the textures on the armours are custom to this mod, a few use vanilla texture paths, hence the hefty file size.

- Vault suit based outfits have the Vault Jumpsuit keyword so people will comment on you wearing them, vault suit has vanilla file path so they will use whatever vault suit retexture you have. Personally I like Proto vault suit.

- Leveled lists alter NPCs from Minutemen, Institute, Railroad and settlers. There is an optional patch that adds my armours on specific NPCs.

- Most of the wastelandish outfits have been added to leveled lists so they should appear on NPCs throughout the Commonwealth, especially on dead NPCs that spawn with random clothes. The unfortunate side-effect of this is that it will conflict with other mods that edit those same distribution lists. Bashed patch is your friend!

- This mod includes my companion armours from my Companion Overhaul, some pieces from Armoured Jumpsuits, Armour Collection, Sleeveless Outfits and Apocalypse Accessories. There's armours from my Raiders Armours and a few other variants I've made for other mods over the years.

PLEASE, DO REALISE THAT THE BODYSLIDE FILES ARE NOT PERFECT. These are not sexy, skimpy outfits that morph nicely to extreme body presets (7B etc.) and make your character look like a sex bomb. The outfits are designed for the CBBE base shape, using the low-poly vanilla assets. They aim to make characters look bad-ass, not like they sell their bodies for caps. So, the armours don't necessarily look good when shaped to your particular CBBE preset. I did my best with the BodySlide files. They are greatly improved in the 2024 version compared to the old ones. 


Captain-Ultima for helping me with the update! Most of the new armour implementations are his work, he also made the lower quality textures <3

Cameron August for the banner image of Ellie <3 U amaze <3

- Kris Takahashi for helping me with Ellie's dialogue (he made it pretty much entirely)
- CDante for helping me make the item colour swap mods
- Ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio <3
SQr17 for the CBBE Outfit Helper Reference Suite 
- hexabit for Nifskope <3 


Better Settlers by Thom293
Proto Vault Suit by nitronizer

Read Ellie's terminal for background story
Use Quicktrade mod if you want to skip talking to her
Dreadlocks are from Azar ponytail hairstyles
Warpaint is Viper's Warpaint 

To get some of these t-shirt designs IRL, you can visit my RedBubble!


Modding is like a second (dream) job for me, and takes up most of my free time (♥). If you want to support my artistic endeavours, or thank me for something that has enriched your game, you can donate so I can buy more coffee to fuel my creative engine! 

ou can also donate through Nexus, or join my Patreon.

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