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A quest mod of "Human Error" that allows for a peaceful solution where no one dies, no one tries to kill you, and covenant openly accepts joining the minutemen.

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Update: Quest is now scripted, previous versions are obsolete.

Do not bring Honest Dan with you, or it won't work. 

With version 3.0 now all you have to do is choose option 4 to let Dr. Chambers continue her work and after she's finished at the computer you can do whatever you want. 

Note: The text below has spoilers! If you haven't played this quest already, then don't download this.

Let's face it the vanilla quest "Human Error" is really out of place in Fallout 4. Basically you have to choose between two evils of equal magnitude. For one you could allow them to keep torturing people, Second, you could kill everyone at the Covenant compound and Covenant itself.  You have only those two choices, you can't get out of it with speech checks, stealth, or by any other means.  The climax just doesn't make sense. There isn't even a neutral choice for those roleplaying as neutral.

Current features:
1. No one in Covenant dies.
2. You can Kill Dr. Chambers without consequence
3. No one in the Covenant HQ dies (unless you want)
4. If you later kill Dr. Chambers, with stealth, theoretically in the FO universe their torture stops.
5. Stockton gets his daughter back
6. You can build a settlement in Covenant
7. Covenant turrets remain intact
8. Amelia successfully escapes

Follow the readme.txt for installation.