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Better Explosives overhauls explosives in Fallout 4.
The aim of this mod is to make explosives deadly, more fun and make them differ from each other.

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  • Polish
Better Explosives

Jimmy walked along the street, a big pack of angry raiders appeared! He was afraid, because he was all alone.
He ran, as fast as he could and took cover, as he should.
Jimmy checked his gear, as the raiders drew near.
His ammo was empty and all hope was gone.
He felt to his knees,
a grenade!
He would throw it,
as his father him taught.
"Now I will arise!", he thought.
He pulled the safety pin,
to the raiders' surprise.
The raiders screamed, GRENADE!
but it was already too late.
He threw the pin and not the 'nade,
oh Jimmy, what an unfortunate fate.

If you are looking for direct helpinformationpatchesunreleased mods, pre-released updates for my mods or just want to talk and share images and videos of your adventures, feel free to join us!

>>> What is "Better Explosives" <<<
Better Explosives tries to enhance your experience with explosives, grenades, mines, missile Launchers etc. on survival difficulty
When you are playing at survival, the damage done by those weapons is halved. (50%)
(In genereal a shotgun shot, does more damage, than a FragGren)
The damage done, by those weapons was already really low. Should you survive, when you catch a rocket with your belly? I don't think so...
Ever wondered why a molotov only ignites for 5 seconds? Me too...
It also lets you remove the trajectory line from the demolition perk, to keep immersion.

>>> What has been changed? <<<
Grenades and Mines have been overhauled completely. Finally they now differ from each other!
Also, the explosion damage is no longer tied to the animation you see. Grenades are your best friends and worst enemies now. 

Molotovs - Ignite your enemies and watch them burn. The duration has been increased.

Fragmentation Grenades -
 Have now a much larger radius and dealt increased damage.

Plasma Grenades - 
Have less radius than Fragmentation Grenades but are more deadly.

Cryo Grenades - Less damage then other grenades, slow your enemies down, to pick them down one by one.

Pulse Grenades 
- Has increased damage, average radius and already ignores physical armor as the nature of energy weapons.

Nuka Grenades
 - Has now a much higher radius of impact. Deals a massive amount of damage and radiates the Victims.
                          Beware of the explosion.

Mines have been splitted from grenades. They used the same explosion effect, before. They deal less damage and have a reduced radius. All effects from grenades listed above, also apply to grenades.

Missile Launcher - Has increased damage and radius. Is no longer on par with Fragmentation Grenades. 

Fat Man
 - Has increased damage and a much higher radius of impact. Be careful, it's superior.
                Even more dangerous than Nuka Grenades.
The forces that are caused by the explosions have been adjusted to the explosion radius and damage.

>>> What you can expect from this mod <<<
Explosives are dangerous for your enemies and YOURSELF!
When someone throws a grenade at you, RUN! 
When you try to catch a missile, you will regret it.
When you throw a good grenade, you can be sure, it will hurt 'em a lot and at least someone is dead.
To get the most out of missile weapons, you have to hit enemies directly.
Using explosives in close range combat, is dangerous.

>>> Perk Overhaul - Demolition Perk <<<
The Demolition perk is pretty overpowered and bad designed. It doubles the damage done by explosions, magically. Without perks, they are bad. With Perks they are "okay". When taking the second rank of the demolition perk, you get a trajectory line. Which will show you, where your grenade will land, when you throw it. If you don't like this feature, you can disable it now! Choose the version you want.
Other bonuses added by these perks ranks

Vanilla Demolition: Damage increase per rank 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% - explosives shot in VATS receive the same 100% multiplier
Modded Demolition: Damage increase per rank 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% - explosives shot in VATS receive the same 20% multiplier
(Yes, explosives that explode from alone will do more damage, without the fourth rank. This will be fixed in an update. As i just noticed that now. lol)

>>> Recommendation <<<
I created another mod called, Better Locational Damage, which modifies the damage you do to certain bodyparts for all NPCs. This mod aims to give a better realistic feeling and also reward the player for his good aim. It has been tailored with Better Explosives for a better realistic feeling.
Why should you use it? It rewards you for hitting a good direct missile.

Better Locational Damage
Better Power Armor
Better Perks

>>> Install/Update/Uninstall <<<
You can install/update/uninstall this mod at any time! 

>>> Translations <<<
Here you can find translated versions of this mod

Polish Version

>>Compatibility <<< 
It's compatible with mods that add and modify crafting recipes
This mod is not compatible with mods, which modify explosives/weapons(Fat Man, Missile Launcher) directly!

>>> Notable Mods <<<
Artillery Fire and Range Expansion - Overhauls Artillery. If you want to play with Better Explosives and Artillery Fire and Range Expansion.
                                                                    Make sure you load this mod after mine.

>>> For better understanding read on below <<<

>>> How do projectiles/missiles work? <<<
I found out, that a direct missile hit(15 points of damage) does less damage than a hit with a 10mm Pistol (18 points of damage)....i mean really Bethesda?? At least the "Fat Man" does the same damage(18 points of damage) as a pistol! *hurray*
That is the initial damage of those weapons. There is a explosion damage type which gets added, BUT! it's not really effective.
Even the center of the explosion, has - as it seems - reduced damage. When you hit a group of raiders with the missile launcher, maybe one is dead, some are a bit wounded, but that's it. (On easier difficulties, this may not apply)

Displayed Damage and Real Damage
The damage you see in your pitboy is a combination of the direct and explosion damage.
For example the Fat Man has: direct hit damage 18 + explosion damage: 450
Playing on survival that means: 9 + 225
Depending on the range from the center of the explosion some enemies simply some to no damage.

When fightning harder enemies aka Deathclaws & legendary enemies, explosives were the worst choice.

>>> A short inside on values <<<
Values have been tweaked to 1.5x-3x depending on the version you use. There will be further adjustments to find the sweetspot.

Fat man (the heaviest weapon)
direct: from 18 to 300/450  explosion: from 450 to 675/900/1350

Frag Grenades
direct: 1 explosion: from 150 to 225/300/450

Frag Mine
direct: 1 explosion: from 100 to 150/300/450

Nuka Grenades
direct: 1 explosion: from 300 to 450/600/900 || Radiation from 100 to 150/200/300

Plasma Grenades
direct: 1 explosion: from 150 to 225/300/450 || Energy from 150 to 225/300/450

Molotov Cocktail
direct: 1 explosion: 75/75/100 || Burning effect duration from 5 seconds to 12 seconds and damage per second 9/16/24

And many more changes related to force and radius of the explosions.

>>> But these values seem to be too high? <<<
No, not really. When you take those values and calculate them through, they seem resonable.
It's really hard to balance it out. There are enemies with incredible high HP, legendaries and Boss Monsters.
They take not much damage from such big weapons as they supposed to. No one, no creature should eat 20-30 rockets until it dies.
If you look for a bit of immersion, this is the right place. If you want to waste your 50 rockets on one legendary dog, this mod is not for you.
Enemies can still survive those explosives, but they are badly hurt.

>>> Future Plans <<<
Balancing all explosives to game difficulties
Adding new custom explosives with new effects (When GECK is out)
Creating/Overhauling recipes (When GECK is out)
Various other explosive features from previous Fallout games.
Adding knockback to explosives